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Shiren 5 Character art - Shiren and Koppa.png
Official artwork of Shiren and Koppa in The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate.
Character's information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 10 (earliest, Shiren 2)
21 (latest, Shiren 3)
Family Gimensha (Father)
Sensei (Uncle)
Occupation Wanderer
Title Shiren the Wanderer
Background information
Earliest Mystery Dungeon appearance Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer (1995)
Most recent Mystery Dungeon appearance Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (2022)
Most recent non-Mystery Dungeon appearance AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative (2022)
Created by Shin-ichiro Tomie
Designed by Kaoru Hasegawa
Voice actors
Actor Media
Shinichiro Ohta
BS Shiren the Wanderer: Save Surala

This Shiren the Wanderer page is about the main character of the Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer games. For the list of available games in the series, see Shiren:Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (series). For the title of the first game, see Shiren 1 SFC:Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer. For Shiren 3, localized as "Shiren the Wanderer", see Shiren 3 Wii:Shiren the Wanderer.

Shiren (Japanese: シレン), often known as Shiren the Wanderer, is the main character for the majority of the Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer franchise. Shiren is always joined by his ever-reliable partner and travel companion Koppa.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Shiren has varied in appearance throughout his games and in media with different outfits and physical appearances from time to time. However he does maintain certain iconic "trademarks" that help our favorite protagonist stand out in each of his different incarnations. There are two iconic features that seem to hold true for all of Shiren's appearances. His first iconic feature being that he always wears a patterned cape that shares his primary coloration of grey and blue. His cape normally has straight lines of stripes but can feature slightly more intricate abstract markings akin to a zebra pattern. His second notable feature is that he always wears a kasa, which is a type of Japanese straw hat that also varies in appearance from game to game though usually features a lot of open slits around the brim. Lastly is Shiren's footwear. While not really being a steadfast rule or as iconic as his other two features; whether he dons boots or waraji (Japanese sandals popular during the edo period), his leg wear usually features large staffs or flaps in their design, though this actually was not the case for his latest incarnation in Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate.

Along with Shiren's typical outfit styles changing appearance throughout his history, so has Shiren's physical appearance. Shiren underwent a semi major design change with the release of Shiren the Wanderer 4: The Eye of God and the Devil's Navel. Before that game, his natural eye color used to be brown and his hair color was a deep purple. With Shiren the Wanderer 4 however, his eye color has been changed to a purple instead, similar to his old hair color. His current hair color also changed to a deep red burgundy. It is not known why he was given these changes to his character design, though we can surmise it was done to make his over all design stand out further with his new modernized style.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shiren is a silent protagonist type of character. This means that his true personality is very open to everyone's own interpretation for how he may truly be. We can however gleam likely traits that he exhibits based on other characters interactions with Shiren, as well as his own motives and actions. Shiren is at his core an adventurer. His given title as wanderer is not only a mere description, but his lifestyle and profession as well. As a wanderer, Shiren wanders the mysterious dungeons in search of treasure. Wanderers are known to pray to the God of Travel, Kron and pursue one of mankind's rarest undertakings. They brave countless life threatening circumstances for the sheer exhilaration.[1] Along with seeking out adventure, Shiren is often quick to come to the aid of those in need. Though we can optimistically suggest that he does this of his own accord, his assistance is often preceded by the whims of Koppa. Shiren is often pulled into helping out with various situations because Koppa wishes to. Shiren most likely doesn't mind this all too much, as Koppa has been his long time traveling companion since his youth.

We can infer that Shiren is a very determined individual. This comes directly from the gameplay loop of this video game franchise. Anytime Shiren fails, he gets back on his feet ready to set out and try again until he accomplishes his ultimate goal. Along with his determination, there is a lot of evidence that suggests Shiren has a calm demeanor and a level head. He has been forced into a handful of unfavorable situations where lives were being threatened. Shiren will hold himself back from doing anything rash in order to try and keep people safe. Allowing his enemies to have whichever advantage they seek by standing down so long as they promise not to harm his friends or allies. His caring nature can put him in some odd situations, but so far Shiren has always managed to persevere through them.

Shiren is also likely to be extremely intelligent. Even in his youth, Shiren was already wandering with Koppa on his own and took it upon himself to single-handedly defend a village from a tribe of demons. His young accomplishments aside, his intelligence shows through within the gameplay of this franchise. Shiren has to make optimum use of his gear, items, and the environment in order to survive and accomplish the many great feats that he does. His tactical prowess and ability to assess different situations in order to make favorable outcomes and persevere is genuinely impressive. This can be further reinforced as often times on Shiren's adventures, local villagers and other wanderers tend to mention how nobody has done certain feats or accomplishments before, and many times they are trying to make a name for themselves by being the first to do so. Shiren is then usually the first person to achieve these great accomplishments, which often ends up leaving him with quite the reputation for himself afterwards.

One more thing to mention about Shiren, though not exactly a personality trait he himself expresses. Shiren appears to be a "chosen one" type of character. Shiren is the favored patron of the travel god, Kron. Shiren is confirmed to have a long lineage spanning thousands of years. His lineage includes past versions of himself and Koppa, which suggests that both Koppa and Shiren seem to be capable of some form of reincarnation. This is not confirmed to be the actual case within any official sources, though it is highly suggested to be the case as revealed in Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion. Whether his bloodline is predestined or not, one thing is for sure. Often times where Shiren ends up in the world is directly due to Kron guiding him on his travels. This can be inferred from the fact that should Shiren ever try to leave any location, he will mysteriously find his way back to that location if he has some sort of unfinished business there. Though the business may not be known to him, it is known to Kron. Kron is highly suggested through dialogue within various games to be the guiding force for Shiren, and likewise Shiren appears to be Kron's personal envoy within this world. Whatever the case may actually be, they certainly have a very deep connection to each other.

History[edit | edit source]

10 Shiren 2
11 Asuka Arrives
18 Shiren 1
Satellaview Shiren
19 Moonlit Village
Shiren 4
20 Magic Castle
Shiren 5
21 Shiren 3

Little is known about Shiren's life up to the events of Shiren the Wanderer 2 - Shiren's Castle and the Oni Invasion His exact birth origins like birthday and location are unknown. What is known is that he is the son of Gimensha and an unnamed woman. Sensei is the brother of that woman, making him Shiren's uncle and Gimensha's brother-in-law. Some period of time after his birth, Shiren had encountered his lifetime friend and companion Koppa the talking weasel. The amount of time he had known Koppa before their first big adventure together when Shiren was 10 years old is unknown. 13 years before Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion, when Shiren was 8 years old, Gimensha left Shiren and his mom in Sensei's care before apparently failing to return some time after.

On Shiren's first adventure with Koppa, the pair had been traveling through the mountains and stumbled upon Natane Village. They decided to stop there to eat some food. While they were eating food, the village was attacked by a tribe of demons. Shiren decided then to build a castle for the village to help protect the villagers and defend them from the demon's raids. This starts the events of Shiren the Wanderer 2.

Following this event, Koppa and Shiren part ways with each other for a short period of time. During this period of time it is unknown what Shiren is up to, though Koppa meets with Asuka who is a childhood friend of Shiren. The two have an adventure with each other, which begins the events of Shiren the Wanderer Side Story: Swordswoman Asuka Arrives!. The only thing we do know regarding Shiren during these events is that they take place one year after the first game, as Shiren is 11 years old during this time.

After those events, we now experience a largely unexplored period of time for Shiren, as his next major adventure will not happen until he is 18 years old. This also marks the first point of some confusion or major revisions that had occurred in the franchise. The next major events that occur are told within Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer, the original game in the franchise. Koppa informs us that about 6 months prior to this game, he had run into Shiren and became fast friends with him. Shiren had been traveling around apparently in memory of his friend, and the duo decided to check out some rumors that they had been hearing regarding the divine bird of legend, The Golden Condor. Apparently this beast resides within the lost city of gold, atop the plains of the sun high above Kobami Valley at the top of Table Mountain. The duo begins their adventure and manages to succeed in what no other wanderer has achieved thus far. They climbed to the top of Table Mountain where they found the lost city of gold, Amteca. It turns out that the city and its citizens have been destroyed and devoured by a vicious creature known as the Tainted Insect, that fed on the very Gold the city was composed of. Shortly after discovering the lost city, Shiren and Koppa do encounter a Tainted Insect and proceed to dispatch it. With the creature destroyed, they are able to actually save the divine bird of legend itself, as it was trapped in a cocoon made by the Tainted Insect. After saving the Golden Condor, it grants Shiren a ride back down to the base of the mountain where they return to the Canyon Hamlet for a short period of time, as their business here is not yet finished.

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Gimensha
    • The protagonist's father. Mentioned in The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion
  • Sensei
    • The protagonist's uncle. Also playable in The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion.
  • Unnamed mother
    • The protagonist's mother, and sister of Sensei. Mentioned in The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion.
  • Pekeji
    • Pekeji claims to be Shiren's brother in Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. He never offers any proof of this, even in Magic Castle of the Desert.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Pekeji's claims of being related to Shiren are unsubstantiated. It's unknown which parent he allegedly shares. It's possible this is mentioned in the Japanese-only release, Magic Castle of the Desert.

Shiren Ancestor
Unknown number of generations.
Unnamed mother

Appearances[edit | edit source]

For more about Shiren as a character in a specific game, click through their respective links.

Games[edit | edit source]

Though still relatively young, he has survived through countless adventures. With his trademark bamboo kasa (Japanese: ) and vertical-striped cape, he sets out towards the Karakuri Mansion for a brand new adventure.[1]

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

In other media[edit | edit source]

While the series is less popular overseas than in Japan, Spike Chunsoft have made a few crossover between Shiren and its respectful series with other titles. Frequently, the protagonist makes an appearance with any character from the Danganronpa series; another franchise made by the aforementioned company.

Shiren appears as a costume in the Wii U and PlayStation 3 releases of Terraria, exclusively in Japan. It is the earliest cameo appearance of Shiren in a different video game.[Citation needed] His costume is known as the "Shiren Set" (Japanese: ふうらいにんの衣装).[2]
The set consisis of the:

  • Shiren Hat: (Japanese: さんどがさ)
  • Shiren Shirt: (Japanese: ふうらいにんのふく)
  • Shiren Pants: (Japanese: ふうらいにんのこしあて)
Terraria - Gallery

In Etrian Mystery Dungeon (Japanese: 世界樹と不思議のダンジョン, World Tree and Mysterious Dungeon), a costume based on Shiren is available. It is labeled as the Wanderer class.

Shiren appears as a DLC character in Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (Japanese: 不思議のクロニクル 振リ返リマセン勝ツマデハ) among with other characters from The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate.

On December 15, 2015, an expansion pack for RPG Maker MV was announced for the PC version. It features both Shiren the Wanderer and Asuka as custom protagonists as well as elements from the series. The pack was released two days after its announcement.[3]

RPG Maker MV - Gallery

In an issue of Weekly Famitsu column on November 26, 2015, a free update for Crypt of the NecroDancer (Japanese: クリプト・オブ・ネクロダンサー) was announced then released in Japan on January 18, 2016 and Worldwide on August 22, 2017 on Steam[4] and later released for PS4 and PS Vita on September 5, 2017.[5] It features characters from the Danganronpa, Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble and Shiren the Wanderer series. Both Shiren the Wanderer and Asuka were made available as character skins. The update works even if you do not own any DLC.

Crypt of the NecroDancer - Gallery

Like in the previous title, in Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 (Japanese: 世界樹と不思議のダンジョン2, World Tree and Mysterious Dungeon 2) a costume based on Shiren is available. It is also labeled as the Wanderer class.

Shiren appears as a pre-registration character in Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End (Japanese: 世紀末デイズ). On July 5, 2018, he was announced to be a bonus character in the game if it hit fifty thousand pre-registration, as seen on their milestone event rewards behind many other bonuses.[6]

Announced on November 20, 2019 via 4gamer[7], a DLC pack for the game Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story (Japanese: 侍道外伝 KATANAKAMI, Samurai Gaiden KATANAKAMI) entitled "Wanderer Set" (Japanese: 風来人セット) was announced for first-print copies. The DLC includes blueprints for both weapons. It was released with the game on February 20, 2020 and available for free from February 20 to 27, 2020.[8][9]. In a later announcement, the DLC was made available and purchasable on June 4, 2020.[10] The DLC consists of:

  • Wanderer Set (Japanese: 風来人セット)
    • Wanderer Outfit (Japanese: 風来人の衣装と刀を追加)
    • Wanderer Hat (Japanese: 風来人の三度笠(装飾品))
    • Wanderer Cape (Japanese: 風来人の道中合羽(装飾品))
    • Wanderer Itachi (Japanese: 風来人のイタチ(装飾品))
  • Kabra's Blade (Japanese: マンジカブラ)
  • Kabra Reborn (Japanese: カブラステギ)
Katana Kami - Gallery

Shiren appears in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative (Japanese: AI: ソムニウム ファイル ニルヴァーナ イニシアチブ) as a Kusemon to be used in fights inspired by the Pokémon series. When the egg is found, it hatches and the "[SC]Wanderer" card is added to the player's team. Shiren has a Kaburasutegi+99 in this game, the last upgrade of the Kaburagi Family weapons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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