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The Wiki Council comprises three admins; Adkuate, Blue, and SungHerSong. The Wiki Council is the final authority on all matters relating to the MDFW; from article formatting, namespace names, filenames, style, themes, social media, etc. While feedback from trusted editors and contributors, the Wiki Council doesn't conduct public opinion polls or abide by the whims of users, as many other wikis do. Additionally, while some trusted contributors may have admin permissions, this is strictly to aid in the documentation of the franchise, and the day-to-day running of the project. They are not in any way an authority on the website, its social media, or tertiary projects.



  • User Page:
  • Role:
    • Wiki Council; Adjudicator
    • Project Lead
  • Current Projects:
    • Gates to Infinity documentation.
    • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon documentation.
    • Rescue Team DX special videos.
    • Shiren 1 SFC Fay's Puzzles.
    • Shiren 1 DS Rescue Passwords for Items cleanup.


  • Current Projects:
    • Rescue Team Cleanup.
  • (Temporarily) Shoved Projects