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Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate
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Available Now!
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About the franchise

The Mystery Dungeon Franchise began as a series of Roguelike video games created originally by Chunsoft, a Japanese video game development company, in 1993. The series now spans multiple console generations, platforms and uses both licensed and original characters with numerous pieces of tie-in media such as novellas, manga, anime shorts, a pachinko machine and more.

Mystery Dungeon fans both new and old will find lots to love here. [Read more...]

Featured Article

Kron, the God of Travel (Japanese: 旅の神 クロン), one of The 8 Rivanian Beast Gods in the Shiren the Wanderer (series). Kron exists to remind Wanderers of their destiny to always keep moving. [Read more...]

Kron's appearance in the DS remake of Magic Castle of the Desert.
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