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January 8, 2024
The MDFW now features Recruitment Calculators for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team, Gates to Infinity, and Rescue Team DX.
Recruitment Calculators are also available on individual Pokémon and dungeon pages.

Mystery Dungeon News

January 30, 2024
Japanese Shiren Twitter account runs two polls about the release of Shiren 6. First poll asks for the age, second poll asks what led the user to purchase Shiren 6. A more in-depth survey is also announced.
February 1, 2024
Noisycroak website updated with soundtrack and sound effect credit info.
February 2, 2024
Japanese Shiren 6 Survey on the Spike Chunsoft website.
February 16, 2024
The 1.0.3 patch update for Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island was released.

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