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Golden City
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Amteca, The Golden City (Japanese: 黄金都市, Golden City) is an ancient city originally under the protection of the The Golden Condor and the guardian deity, the Chief God of the Rivanian Beast Gods, Riva. On the night of the 300th moon, an evil creature that ate gold appeared. The Golden Condor was bound by the Cords of Hell. Bereft of protection from the sacred bird, the city was dealt a catastrophic blow. Devastated by the corruption of the Tainted Insect, the people of the Golden City met their end with their city and plead for some future savior to set free the Golden Condor.

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(Shiren 1 DS, Shiren 1 SP)
Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Amteca, the Golden City
Japanese Flag of Japan.png 黄金都市, Golden City
(Flowers Dancing)
Language Name
Japanese Flag of Japan.png 黄金郷アムテカ, Golden Town Amteca

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