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Koppa's Species differs between games across the Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer series. The aim of this page is to document the various differences.

Ferret or Weasel[edit | edit source]

Game Language
English Japanese Chinese
Shiren 1 SFC N/A N/A
Shiren 1 DS Weasel[1] N/A
Shiren 1 Mobile N/A N/A
Satellaview Shiren N/A N/A
Moonlit Village GB N/A N/A
Moonlit Village PC N/A N/A
Moonlit Village Mobile N/A N/A
Shiren 2 N/A N/A
Magic Castle GBC N/A N/A
Magic Castle DS N/A N/A
Asuka Arrives DC N/A N/A
Asuka Arrives PC N/A N/A
Shiren 3 Wii Ferret[2] N/A
Shiren 3 PSP N/A N/A
Shiren 4 DS N/A Ferret[3] N/A
Shiren 4 PSP N/A N/A
Shiren 5 DS N/A N/A
Shiren 5 Vita N/A N/A
Shiren 5 2020 Ferret[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Opening cinematic. Koppa refers to himself as one of the last domesticated talking weasels.
  2. Shiren 3 English manual.
  3. Millie's dialogue in Shiren 4. "東洋のフェレットは しゃべるんだ。 へえ~ すごい。"