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The Eight Beast Gods (Japanese: ???) is a group of characters in the Shiren the Wanderer series.


Riva, the God of Fate[n 1], or Reeva, the God of Destiny[n 2] (Japanese: 運命神 リーバ), is the first Beast God.

King of the Eight Beast Gods, Ruler of Fate. Reeva has 3 eyes and it it is said that one sees the past, one sees the present and one sees the future. The three dice that Reeva casts are said to control the birth and death of all humankind. When a die of fate is cast it can bequeath prosperity or grave misfortune. Even a life in dire straights can be completely turned around. Legends claim that Reeva dwells in a wondrous stronghold, the Tower of Fortune.[1]


See also: The Winds of Kron.

Kron, the God of Travel (Japanese: 旅の神 クロン) is the second Beast God. He rules over the success and failure of Travel.


Bufu, the God of Food (Japanese: 食の神 ブフー) is the third Beast God. Gluttonous, rotund and pig-headed, He is the ruler of Food.

Kaka Roo

Kaka Roo, the God of Traps (Japanese: 罠の神 カカ・ルー) is the fourth Beast God. Fox-headed, he is the ruler of Traps.


Doras, the God of Magic (Japanese: 魔道神 ドラス) is the fifth Beast God. He rules over Magic.


Murado, the God of Hearth(UT) (Japanese: 住の神 ムラド) is the sixth Beast God. He rules over Dwelling Places.


Gitau, the God of Thieves (Japanese: 泥棒神 ギトー) is the seventh Beast God. Mouse-shaped, he is the ruler of the success and failure of Thieves.


Sakai, the God of Trade(UT) (Japanese: 商売神 サカイ) is the eighth and last Beast God. He is the ruler of Trade and Commerce.


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  • [2] Japanese names for the gods.
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