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The Winds of Kron (Japanese: クロン) are a gameplay element in Shiren the Wanderer titles. They're universal across all Mystery Dungeon games, varying by game and series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As a gameplay element, the Winds of Kron act as an anti-grinding measure. Each turn ticks down an invisible counter until the winds blow a few times and eventually you will be blown out of the dungeon. This will be treated as defeat. Moving, attacking, picking up items, dropping items, and idling while holding A + B will all remove a turn from the total counter.

Turns allotted[edit | edit source]

The number of turns the player is allotted before Kron blows them out of the dungeon is rarely ever consistent. It usually ranges from 1,000 turns to 2,000 turns. Not only can it vary from dungeon to dungeon in the same game but it can also vary by which level of the dungeon or which version of a game you're playing. In the Version Differences of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer, the Winds of Kron give the player 1,000 turns in outdoor sections of Table Mountain while the indoor sections offer 2,000 turns. In Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess of the Karakuri Mansion, the player is normally given 2,000 turns on the floors that contain Dragon Orbs and Elemental Abilities while the Version Differences cut the number of turns in half to prevent players from too easily grinding powerful equipment.

Warnings[edit | edit source]

Warnings occur in Shiren the Wanderer DS at 300, 200 and finally, 100 turns left before blowing the player out at 0 turns. This means you will have 700 or 1,700 turns before Kron will make himself known.

In towns[edit | edit source]

Under normal circumstances, locations such as Fay's Puzzles and towns like Natane Village don't ever blow the player out after a certain number of turns. In the DS remake of Shiren 1, towns and Fay's Puzzles have a WoK value of 9,990 which will never decrease. Using cheats to force the counter will result in nothing happening in towns or villages while in Fay's Puzzles it will cause defeat. Shiren the Wanderer: Moonlit-Village Monster is a different story though. While in the Moonlit Village, if the player hangs around for too long the Winds of Kron will blow and reset the player back to the starting point.

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In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
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Kron, the God of Travel
Japanese Flag of Japan.png 旅の神 クロン

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