Rescue Team:Dark Maze

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Dark Maze
Dojo Dungeon
Total Floor Count 3
Main Type Dark
Recruiting No
Weather [Data needed]
Visibility [Data needed]
Spawn Rate [Data needed]
Gusts of Wind [Data needed] turns.
Boss Murkrow, Poochyena

Dark Maze (Japanese: あくのま) is one of the mazes of Makuhita Dojo. It is filled with Dark-Type Pokémon, as its name suggests. There are three floors with a boss at the end. No Pokémon are recruitable in this dungeon.

The dungeons shares the same layout with that of some Buried Relic floors or Unown Relic.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

The boss room contains 2 Poochyena and 2 Murkrow.

Icon Pokémon Type Level Floor(s) Recruiting
English Japanese
Rescue Team - Poochyena sprite.png Poochyena ポチエナ


3 1 - 3 Impossible
Rescue Team - Murkrow sprite.png Murkrow ヤミカラス



14 3 Impossible