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The top screen of the Main Menu in Gates to Infinity
Top screen
The bottom screen of the Main Menu in Gates to Infinity
Bottom screen

The Main Menu (Japanese: トップメニュ, Top Menu) is the first menu the player sees every time Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is launched. The main menu opens right after the title screen.

Display[edit | edit source]

On the top screen, a card detailing the player's progress is shown, including the portrait, name, level and HP of the current leader, the team name, the location (if the game was quicksaved inside a dungeon), the current V-Wave, playtime, the total amount of adventures and a set of icons that track the player's progress.

On the bottom screen, six icons to access the game's features are shown:

New Game/Continue: Brings the player to the core of the game, allowing the exploration of dungeon, progressing the story, and accessing Pokémon Paradise facilities.

Discover a Magnagate!: Access the Augmented Reality features of the game, accessing random dungeons with pre-determined Pokémon.

Wonder Mail: Brings to a menu where the player can input codes to obtain items in the game.

DLC: Leads to a menu where the game's Downloadable Content can be bought.

Change Team Name: Allows changing the team name at any moment.

Delete Save: Start a new game from scratch.

Icons[edit | edit source]

Main menu icons are small pictures that appear on the top screen of the main menu when certain story bosses are defeated to track the player's progress. Before their defeat, the icons are displayed as question marks instead.

Icon Unlock requirements
Gates - Main Menu icon 1 Gurdurr.png Gurdurr Defeat Gurdurr at the end of Hazy Pass
Gates - Main Menu icon 2 Pawniard.png Pawniard Defeat the Pawniard Brothers at the end of Desolate Canyon
Gates - Main Menu icon 3 Toxicroak.png Toxicroak Defeat Toxicroak and Purugly at the end of Crags of Lament
Gates - Main Menu icon 4 Golurk.png Golurk Defeat Golurk at Glacier Palace
Gates - Main Menu icon 5 Salamence.png Salamence Defeat Salamence after completing Tyrian Maze
Gates - Main Menu icon 6 Kyurem.png Kyurem Defeat Kyurem at Glacier Palace

Background art[edit | edit source]

Each time the main menu has loaded the game randomly selects one of three different illustrations to display on the top screen. The bottom screen always shows the same picture with the bag, team badge, and various items. Unlike other games in the series, there is no way to hide the user interface to look at the art.

Background music[edit | edit source]

This menu normally plays the track known as "Main Menu" in the soundtrack. However, if DLC is loaded, random tracks from Blue Rescue Team and the Explorers titles play instead, each of them only lasting a few seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A debug menu allows entering a state of needing to be rescued, as well as rescuing automatically while asking for help. When active, it replaces Wonder Mail and only appears when it can be used.
  • The top screen background illustrations are larger than the screen itself, meaning the left-most and right-most areas of the pictures can't be seen in-game.
  • Two unused background illustrations can be found in the game's files.

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References[edit | edit source]

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