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Zero Isle (Japanese: ゼロの(しま)) is a location in the Grass Continent in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It is an island with a vaguely circular shape and a lake in the middle. Rare treasures are said to be found in its challenging dungeons. Team AWD claim that it's known as "the ultimate dungeon", that nobody has ever made it to the end, and they intend to conquer the dungeon and get all the treasures and gold.

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Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Flag of the United States.svg
Zero Isle
Japanese Flag of Japan.svg ゼロの島
French Flag of France.svg Île Zéro
Spanish Flag of Spain.svg Isla Cero
German Flag of Germany.svg Null-Insel
Italian Flag of Italy.svg Isola Zero
Korean Flag of South Korea.svg 제로의 섬

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