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This Monsters page is about monsters in Mystery Dungeon: Shiren:Shiren the Wanderer DS2 - Magic Castle of the Desert for the Nintendo DS. For Game Boy Color release, see Magic Castle GBC:Monsters. For the monsters lore page, see Shiren:Monsters.

Monsters (Japanese: モンスター) are organized into "families", usually with one member at each of four levels. Family members are substantially similar to one another in both appearance and other attributes, though higher-level monsters within a family tend to be much tougher, tend to be worth more experience points, and tend to have more dangerous capabilities. Pay attention to the color of the monster you are facing so you know which level it is and thus which specific capabilities it has.

Monster Types[edit | edit source]

Monsters have one or more special attributes, each of which corresponds to different capabilities and/or vulnerabilities. All members of a monster family share the same types.

Monster Type Symbol In-game Description Weakness & protective items:
English Japanese Weapons Shields Herbs, Other
Armed-Type 剣系 Water Jar
Curse-Type 呪い系 Curseless Armband
Cyclops-Type ーツ目系 Cyclops Killer
Dragon-Type ドラゴン系 Dragonkiller Dragonward
Drain-Type ドレイン系 Drain Buster Antidrain Armband
Exploding-Type 爆弾系 Crescent Arm Blast Shield
Floating-Type 浮遊系 Air Slayer
Ghost-Type ゴースト系 Sickle Slayer
Hypnotic-Type 催眠系
Normal-Type ノーマル系 無印
Poison Herb-Type 毒草系
Rust-Type サビ系
Staff Attack-Type 杖系 Echo Shield
Thief-Type 盗み系 Walrus Shield

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of the United States
日本語 Flag of Japan モンスター

See Also[edit | edit source]

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