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Baby Tank
Magic Castle DS - Baby Tank sprite.png


HP 60
Speed Double
Experience 1,800

Mini Tank
Magic Castle DS - Mini Tank sprite.png


Attack 72
Speed Double
Experience 3,700

The Mini Tank Family (Japanese: コドモ戦車) consists of:

  1. BabyTank (Japanese: コドモ戦車)
  2. Mini Tank (Japanese: ちびタンク)

Baby Tanks and Mini Tanks appear as Crossbowboys and Bowboys respectively, though now seated inside a simple wooden tank with a single grey arrow at the head. Now when attacking, an arrow is fired with almost no recoil effect on the monster itself.

When not disturbed by any States, Baby Tank Family Monsters only use arrows to attack Shiren, which can be from a distance in a straight line, or from directly adjacent to Shiren. They do not approach Shiren but will situate themselves where Shiren is in a straight line of sight and can be shot at. When their target moves out of position, they will try to correct this by moving closer diagonally, so that Shiren is in their line of sight once more. Baby Tanks and Mini Tanks use their Double Speed (state) to stay as far from Shiren as possible while using their second turn to fire an arrow.

Monster Ability[edit | edit source]

Baby Tank Family Monsters attack by firing Projectiles:

  • Level 1: Primarily attacks by shooting Iron Arrows, which can miss and will fall to the floor.
  • Level 2: Primarily attacks by shooting Silver Arrows, which travel through all surfaces and will always fly away.

Effect when Sealed[edit | edit source]

Levels: 1 - 2 Baby Tanks and Mini Tanks will no longer move at double speed.

Special Drops[edit | edit source]

Baby Tanks may drop Iron Arrows

Combat Strategy[edit | edit source]

Levels 1 - 2: Baby Tanks and Mini Tanks will move away from Shiren when possible, but having Shiren in their view is a priority. When fleeing out of a room, they will stay in the first square of the hallway, where they can still be seen by Shiren. Otherwise, in large rooms use ranged attacks to defeat them, or attempt to corner the monster.

Meat Strategy[edit | edit source]

Level 1: Repeatedly shoots Iron Arrows so these can be collected and used as Shiren after changing back. Levels 1 - 2: Shoot Arrows into hallways to ensure they are safe, or continue firing to defeat Monsters that the arrows hit. Levels 2 - 2: Escape from enemies or fight more efficiently by moving at Double Speed. Level 2: Attack multiple enemies at once with piercing Silver Arrows, particularly in Monster Houses. Shoot in random directions to detect clusters of entities.

Monster Meat Description[edit | edit source]

  1. コドモ戦車の肉:
  2. ちびタンクの肉:

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

Dungeons: Baby Tank Mini Tank
Demon Castle Prison
Ancient Ruins
Magistrate's Lesser Court
Magistrate's Greater Court
Jahannam Gate
Tonfan Dungeon
The Road of Traps
Cave of the Pot
Edge of the Abyss
Blacksmith's Furnace
Mamel Cave
Deep Ruins
Obaba Cave

Gallery[edit | edit source]

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Baby Tank
Japanese Flag of Japan.png コドモ戦車

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Mini Tank
Japanese Flag of Japan.png ちびタンク

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