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Cave of the Pot
Shiren DS 2 - Cave of the Pot Entrance.png
Gimmick Dungeon
Entrance Location House NE of the Smithy, Shop & Bank.
Final Goal Floor 6 Fl
Total Floor Count 99 Fl
Bring Items & Gitan In No
Training No
# of Wanderer Rescues 3
# of Rescue Attempts [Data needed]
# of NPCs Only Nfu the Demon Puppy
Pre-ID'd Items All items
Shops None
Monster Houses None
Special Rooms [Data needed]
NPCs [Data needed]
Visibility Clear
Spawn Rate [Data needed]
Winds of Kron [Data needed]
Bosses and Special Enemies None

The Cave of the Pot (Japanese: 壺の洞窟) is a survival dungeon that gets unlocked after you clear the The Road of Traps. The first time you play the dungeon you clear it when reaching the stairs on floor 6. You start with 3 Jar of Hiding [1] which can be used to confine a Monsters to them. Under no circumstances can Shiren ever level up and all monsters can 1 hit kill you. Running down corridors will almost always lead to death when you encounter a monster.

Dungeon Strategy[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Monsters[edit | edit source]

Sprite Monsters Floors
English Japanese
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Green_Snake.png Green Snake ギョロつきヘビ 1 - 9
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Red_Centipede.png Red Centipede ダギャン 1 - 9
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Rock_Head.png Rock Head じんめん岩 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Taur.png Taur タウロス 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L3-Cave_Mamel.png Cave Mamel 洞窟マムル 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Floor_Dragon.png Floor Dragon とおせんりゅう 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Pacorepkina.png Pacorepkina パコレプキーナ 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Master_Hen.png Master Hen マスターチキン 1 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L3-Purple_Snake.png Purple Snake ガンたれヘビ 10 - 30
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Blue_Centipede.png Blue Centipede ダギャダギャン 10 - 98
File:SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Gather.png Gather ギャザー 31 - 98

Items[edit | edit source]

WeaponsShiren DS2 Item Icons Weapon.png ShieldsShiren DS2 Item Icons Shield.png ArmbandsShiren DS2 Item Icons Armband.png ProjectilesShiren DS2 Item Icons Arrow.png RiceballsShiren DS2 Item Icons Riceball.png
Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English
Floors 1 - 9 おにぎり Riceball
透視の腕輪 Sight
Floors 1 - 98
遠投の腕輪 Pitcher's
よくみえの腕輪 Search
Floors 1 - 98
通過の腕輪 Passage
HerbsShiren DS2 Item Icons Herb.png JarsShiren DS2 Item Icons Jar.png StavesShiren DS2 Item Icons Staff.png ScrollsShiren DS2 Item Icons Scroll.png Monster Drop


Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English
たかとび草 Warp 空間移動の壺 Teleport 一時しのぎの杖 Postpone あかりの巻物 Light もちかえりの巻物 Escape Scroll
めぐすり草 Sight 閉じ込めの壺 Hiding かなしばりの杖 Paralysis
とびつきの杖 Leaping
場所がえの杖 Switching
ふき飛ばしの杖 Knockback

Traps[edit | edit source]

Icon Traps Floor
Japanese English
Shiren DS2 Trap Sprite - Stumble Trap.png 転び石のワナ Stumble Trap

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Monster names in bold don't have official English translations.

References[edit | edit source]

[1]Monster spawns and item info thanks to the linked Japanese wiki.