Magic Castle DS:Demon Castle Prison

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Demon Castle Prison
Shiren DS2 - Demon Castle Prison.png
Tutorial Dungeon
Entrance Location Main Menu
Total Floor Count 6 Fl > Descending
Bring Items & Gitan In N/A
Training No
# of Wanderer Rescues 0
# of Rescue Attempts 0
# of NPCs None
Pre-ID'd Items None
Shops None
Monster Houses None
Special Rooms None
NPCs None
Visibility Clear
Spawn Rate Set monsters.
Winds of Kron [Data needed]
Bosses and Special Enemies None

The Demon Castle Prison (Japanese: 魔城内の牢屋) is the tutorial dungeon of the game. It's designed to teach you about the most basic gameplay elements before sending you off to fight in regular dungeons.

Dungeon Strategy[edit | edit source]

This dungeon is an un-skipable tutorial dungeon designed to teach you about fleeing from Monsters when you're outnumbered and walking diagonally. You walk diagonally by pressing the Y button to bring up the grid and select your dungeon or pressing the R button to walk exclusively in diagonal directions. The enemies have a lot of HP and don't offer any Experience so fighting them is a complete waste of time. Just make a dash to the exit and avoid the Traps that start to appear on floors 3 to 1. If you die and fail at any point, you'll be reverted back to floor 6 and have to start over again.

Dungeon Monsters[edit | edit source]

Sprites Monsters Floors Experience
English Japanese
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Soldier.png Soldier 魔城兵 6 - 5 0
SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Strong Soldier.png Strong Soldier 魔城強兵 5 - 4 0
SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Dragon Soldier.png Dragon Soldier 魔城竜兵 4 - 1 0

Items[edit | edit source]

Shiren DS2 Item Icons Weapon.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Shield.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Armband.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Arrow.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Riceball.png
English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Herb.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Jar.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Staff.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Scroll.png
English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese English Japanese
* Escape Scroll もちかえりの巻物

* Escape scrolls only drop from Dragon Soldiers.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Sprite Traps Floor
English Japanese
Shiren DS2 Trap Sprite - Sleeping Trap.png Sleeping Trap 睡眠ガスのワナ 3 to 1

Notes[edit | edit source]

Monster names in bold don't have official English translations.

References[edit | edit source]

  • [1] Information on which floors the traps spawn in and what happens when you die.