Magic Castle DS:Ancient Ruins

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Ancient Ruins
Shiren DS 2 - Ancient Ruins.png
Story Dungeon
Entrance Location Irupa Entrance
Total Floor Count 9 Fl
Bring Items & Gitan In Yes
Training Yes
# of Wanderer Rescues 3
# of Rescue Attempts [Data needed]
# of NPCs Yes (any)
Pre-ID'd Items [Data needed]
Shops None
Monster Houses None
Special Rooms [Data needed]
NPCs [Data needed]
Visibility [Data needed]
Spawn Rate [Data needed]
Winds of Kron [Data needed]
Bosses and Special Enemies None

Ancient Ruins (Japanese: 古代遺跡) is a dungeon Shiren (player character) explores after meeting up with Pekeji.

Dungeon Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are no Traps and most Items are Identifying Items. An explanation will be given when you pick up and item for the first time.

Dungeon Monsters[edit | edit source]

Sprites Monsters Floors EXP
Japanese English
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Mamel.png マムル Mamel 1 - 2 2
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Mouse Minion.png ねずみ子分 Mouse Minion 1 - 2 4
SDS2-Monster-FT-L2-Mouse Thug.png ねずみ親分 Mouse Thug 3 - 4 7
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Chintala.png チンタラ Chintala 3 - 5 6
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Escape Monkey.png カラカイおさる Escape Monkey 3 - 5 10
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Wild Boar.png かっとびイノシシ Wild Boar 4 - 5 8
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Red Centipede.png ダギャン Red Centipede 5 - 7 13
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Pitcher Plant.png ウツボカズラ Pitcher Plant 6 - 8 10
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Glare Snake.png にらみヘビ Glare Snake 6 - 8 17
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Rock Head.png じんめん岩 Rock Head 6 - 8 21
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Sheep Oracle.png ヒツジ神官 Sheep Oracle 7 - 8 15
SDS2-Monster-FT-L1-Pacorepkin.png パコレプキン Pacorepkin 7 - 8 22

Monster names in bold don't have official English translations.

Items[edit | edit source]

Shiren DS2 Item Icons Weapon.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Shield.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Armband.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Arrow.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Riceball.png
JP English JP English JP English JP English JP English


Cudgel 木甲の盾 Wood Shield ちからの腕輪 Hercules おにぎり Riceball
青銅の太刀 Bronze Sword 鉄甲の盾 Iron Shield

(6 - 8 Fl)

百鬼の剣 Demon Slayer

(6 - 8 Fl)

Shiren DS2 Item Icons Herb.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Jar.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Staff.png
Shiren DS2 Item Icons Scroll.png
JP English JP English JP English JP English
復活草 Revival

(1 - 5 Fl)

もちかえりの巻物 Escape Scroll*
命の草 Life 真空斬りの巻物 Blastwave

(4 - 8 Fl)

弟切草 Restorative バクスイの巻物 Sleep

(4 - 8 Fl)

混乱草 Confusion
すばやさ草 Haste
ドラゴン草 Dragon
薬草 Medicinal
雑草 Weeds**

*Dropped by Rock heads most of the time when you kill one.

** Jar of Change

Traps[edit | edit source]


References[edit | edit source]

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