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The Desert Town Irupa (Japanese: 砂漠の町イルバ) is a small village located in the middle of a desert in Magic Castle of the Desert.

Locations and services[edit | edit source]

Name Info
English Japanese
Robot Shop
Wanderer Rescue Center
Old Woman's House Time attack dungeon entrance is here the first time.
Mamel Cave Stone Head gives items here in exchange for Shiren 3 Wii points. The entrance is here once it leaves (certain conditions must be met).
Survival dungeon Its entrance is here.
Tonfan Dungeon Available at post-game.
Blacksmith's Furnace Its entrance is here.
Training Grounds

Dungeon Entrances[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Nearly every NPC in the game is located in Irupa. For a list of inhabitants, see the NPCs page.

Sprite NPCs Info
English Japanese

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