Magic Castle DS:Absorb Jar

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Absorb Jar
Magic Castle DS - Jar.png
Missing in-game description
Chinese [Data needed]
Type Capture/Free
Cost 5,000
Cost + ???
Value 1,000
Value + ???

The Absorb Jar (Japanese: 吸収の壺) is a Jars introduced to the Gameboy Color release of Magic Castle. When used while facing a Monsters, that monster will disappear and it's ability will be contained within one of the Jar's slots.

Using the Jar with a contained monster inside will transform Shiren (player character) into that monster for one turn where it's ability/attack[Citation needed] will be used in the direction faced. Monster-Shiren will then revert back to Shiren.

Tips for use[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations Wanderer Rescues Smithy, Shop & Bank Jar of Change
Boss Arena
Gift Shiren 3 Wii Connection
Dungeon/Drop type Floor Shop Jar of Change Thiefwalrus Family Hiding Egg
Ancient Ruins
Magistrate's Lesser Court
Magistrate's Greater Court
Jahannam Gate
Tonfan Dungeon
The Road of Traps
Cave of the Pot
Edge of the Abyss
Blacksmith's Furnace
Mamel Cave
Deep Ruins
Obaba Cave

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