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A close-up of the map.
A close-up of the map.

The Unknown Landmass is an area alleged to exist in the Pokémon world in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It is depicted as an island with a small lake next to a bigger lake in the west.

Known Information[edit | edit source]

Mawile, the Expedition Society's archeologist, appears to be studying a mysterious landmass located between the Air Continent and the Grass Continent, which can be seen on the map on the wall of her study.[1]

In the full world map seen in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, a small gap in the ocean is seen between the two continents. However, the mysterious landmass is present in the versions of the map used for the Pokémon Nexus,[2] the planet when seen from space at the start of the game,[2] a cutscene that plays when the player first reaches the Air Continent,[3] and in an unused prototype world map.[4]

Speculation[edit | edit source]

The unused prototype map, and the fact that it appears during some cutscenes, may suggest that it was supposed to be a regular location at some point during development. Given the context, it's unlikely that its appearance in Mawile's room is unintended. It seems that the developers decided to reuse it as a mysterious area she is studying, perhaps as a reference to the original version being scrapped.

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