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The Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki's Wiki Team consists of three users. Adkuate, Blue, and Korra II. The three of us maintain the wiki, its social media presence, and are largely responsible for the majority of the content on the site. We're all passionate Mystery Dungeon fans who wish to see every single aspect of this franchise documented so we as a fanbase and community can enjoy the treasure trove of knowledge held within.




  • User Page:
  • Role:
    • Bureaucrat
    • Project Lead
  • Current Projects:
    • Gates to Infinity documentation.
    • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon documentation.
    • Rescue Team DX special videos.
    • Shiren 1 SFC Fei's Problems.
    • Shiren 1 DS Rescue Passwords for Items cleanup.


Hi, I'm Blue. I don't enjoy talking about myself publicly, so I invite you to read my wiki pages instead.

Korra II A Baskerville

  • Current Projects:
    • Rescue Team Cleanup.
  • (Temporarily) Shoved Projects


My name is Korra II, I'm a long-time Mystery Dungeon fan, dating back to the summer of 2007 when I first played the demo of Red Rescue Team at GameStop. I got Red Rescue Team as a birthday present and was hooked. Years later, in September 2012, while looking for PMD news, I discovered Shiren 1 for the Nintendo DS, and from there, the various other MD titles. I soon found and joined the Wetpaint Wiki where I was greeted by fellow enthusiastic fans of Mystery Dungeon. It was a combination of the passion of Shiren fans, as well as the Inheriwiki, Dragon Age Wiki, Unofficial Edler Scrolls Pages, The Risen Wiki, and the Witcher Wiki that made me want to see the series I was passionate about documented.

I always felt that I never would have gotten into Shiren as easily as I did without the help of other Shiren fans or the wiki. I also lamented the lack of proper resources for people who wanted to play the other games in the series but didn't know Japanese. For years, I wanted to clean up the OG Shiren Wiki but didn't know what the formatting standards were, or who was in charge. In November 2018, when I discovered the wiki was being ported to Gamepedia, I jumped at the chance to join the cleanup process. I later became the sole admin of the project, upgrading it to the Mystery Dungeon Wiki in September 2019. In November 2020 Fandom announced that they were retiring Gamepedia URLs. Tired of a project I cared so much about being passed around like a piece of property, I requested the support of my fellow editors to take the wiki independent. Together, Adkuate, Blue, and I founded the Independent Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki to escape Fandom, and wiki farms in general.