Torneko 1:Herbs

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List of Herbs[edit | edit source]

Torneko 1 - Herb Icon 1.png
In-game Description Shops
English Japanese Cost Value
Antidote Herb 毒けし草 30
Blaze Herb 火炎草 40
Blinding Herb 目つぶし草 5
Confuse Herb メダパニ草 15
Elixir 弟切草 40
Eyedrop 目薬草 15
Fear Herb まどわし草 20
Medical Herb 薬草 25
Poison Herb 毒草 20
Return Herb ルーラ草 10
Sleep Herb ラリホー草 30
Agility Seed すばやさの種 35
Happiness Seed 幸せの種 1,000
Strength Seed ちからの種 50

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