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Beach Cave
Coastal Cave

Explorers - Beach Cave Entrance.png

Explorers - Beach Cave Entrance Sunset.png

Entrance Location Beach, Menu
Final Goal Floor Beach Cave Pit
Total Floor Count 5
Bring Items In Yes: 48
Bring Poké In Yes
Bring Partners In Up to 3
Rescues None
Kangaskhan Rest Stops None
Weather Normal
Visibility Light Darkness
Kecleon Shops No
Monster Houses None
Pokémon Spawn Rate [Data needed]
Gusts of Wind 1,000 turns
Boss Team Skull's Koffing & Zubat (First visit)
This Beach Cave page is about Explorers of Sky. For Explorers of Time and Darkness, see Explorers TD:Beach Cave.
For the lore page on Beach Cave, see Pkmn:Beach Cave.
Main Story
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Beach Cave (Japanese: かいがんのどうくつ, Coastal Cave) is the first dungeon in the Main Story of the Explorers games. It has 5 floors in total, including Beach Cave Pit (Japanese: かいがんのどうくつ おくそこ, Coastal Cave Pit) as the final floor.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The first time the player and partner arrive at Beach Cave Pit, they fight Koffing and Zubat, who have stolen the Relic Fragment from the partner. During the first exploration, it is only possible to carry one item at a time, as the Exploration team has yet to obtain the Treasure Bag.

Dungeon information[edit | edit source]

Beach Cave is the only dungeon that can be reached in two different ways. The first is to take the usual way, the east entrance from Treasure Town's crossroads; the second is to go through the entrance on the beach itself.

This is one of the smallest dungeons in the Explorers games: it only has four bottom floors before reaching the final goal, floor 5, titled as Beach Cave Pit, and each floor only has four to six rooms. Water appears throughout the entire dungeon.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Jobs for this dungeon will usually have an E rank. Jobs that involve a client joining the team or that involve capturing an outlaw will usually have a D rank.

Rank Floors Mission
E 1 - 4 Any
D 1 - 4 Outlaws

Rescues[edit | edit source]

The player can not send a rescue help in Beach Cave.

Pokémon encountered[edit | edit source]

Pokémon encountered in the dungeon are unrecruitable and has only Water and Rock type types Pokémon, which is a huge disadvantage for players who picked a Fire type Pokémon.

Beach Cave[edit | edit source]

Model Pokémon Types Level Exp Recruitment rate Floors
English Japanese
Shellder's model.Shellderシェルダー Water 1 9 Unrecruitable 1 - 4
Kabuto's model.Kabutoカブト Ground Water 1 11 Unrecruitable 1 - 4
Corsola's model.Corsolaサニーゴ Water Ground 2 13 Unrecruitable 1 - 4
Shellos East's model.Shellos (East Sea)カラナクシ Water 2 16 Unrecruitable 1 - 4

Beach Cave Pit - Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

Beach Cave Pit's boss arena.

Once the player goes through Beach Cave Pit, a cutscene plays before fighting against Team Skull. The area itself is in a rectangle with a length of 7x11 tiles and diamond-shaped obstacles around it. The boss fight are composed of Poison and Flying type Pokémon, which is a huge disadvantage for players who picked a Grass type Pokémon.

Zubat and Koffing can only be found here on the first visit, otherwise, the dungeon is considered complete.

Sprite Boss Type Level Moves
English Japanese
Zubat's model.Zubatズバット Poison Flying 4 Leech Life
Koffing's model.Koffingドガース Poison 7 Tackle Poison Gas

Items & Poké[edit | edit source]

Unlike other dungeons, this one will automatically have the following items no matter which bottom floor the player is at.

Explorers - Poké.png
Floors Item
2 40 1 100%
Explorers - Oran Berry.png
English Japanese Floors Item
Oran Berryオレンのみ 2 100%
Explorers - Seed.png
English Japanese Floors Item
Blast Seedばくれつのタネ 3 - 4 50.00%
Sleep Seedすいみんのタネ 3 - 4 50.00%

Traps & Floor Tiles[edit | edit source]

There are no traps generated in Beach Cave.

Icon Traps & Floor Tiles Floors Trap Frequency
English Japanese
Explorers - Wonder Tile.pngWonder Tileふしぎなゆか 1 - 4 100%

Gallery[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Beach Cave
Japanese Flag of Japan.png かいがんのどうくつ, Coastal Cave
French Flag of France.png Grotte Littorale
Spanish Flag of Spain.png Cueva Bajamar
German Flag of Germany.png Strandhöhle
Italian Flag of Italy.png Grotta Marina
Korean Flag of South Korea.png 해안 동굴
Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Beach Cave Pit
Japanese Flag of Japan.png かいがんのどうくつ おくそこ, Coastal Cave Pit
French Flag of France.png Grotte Littorale - fond
Spanish Flag of Spain.png Sima Bajamar
German Flag of Germany.png Strandhöhlengrube
Italian Flag of Italy.png Fossa Marina

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References[edit | edit source]

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