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NPCs are unlike monsters in that:

  • They do not grant any Experience when defeated.
  • They do not spawn from nowhere or have spawn rates as Monsters do.
  • In towns, they will respawn when re-entering the area if defeated.
  • Only Herbs and Monster Meat thrown at them will inflict that items effect:
  • Most NPCs normally act as if Slowed and will act or move once every 2 turns. Wandering party members will be slow, and at normal speed after they join Shiren.
  • If the player miss throws an item that would hurt an NPC, they will not be provoked to attack Shiren unless they previously were. This excludes the Shopkeeper.

Party Member/Travelling Partner NPCs[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Appearance Floors
English Japanese
Kechi the Masseur 座頭ケチ
Oryu the Blinder お竜
Shiren 1 NPC Sprite - Pekeji 2.gif Pekeji ペケジ
Koppa コッパ
Satellaview Shiren Surala NPC sprite.gif Surala スララ
Shiren 1 SFC NPC sprite - Naoki.gif Naoki the Wandering Chef ナオキ

 About Party Member NPCs[edit | edit source]

Party Members aka Companions are NPCs that fight beside you. They can be unlocked by finishing certain side quests. Once unlocked, companions can rejoin you on later journeys even if they get killed; companions will spawn randomly between floor 1 and 14 of Table Mountain.

Party members affect dungeon play in the following ways:

  • If a monster is in a companion's sight of view, it will go straight towards it.
  • If the companions can see Shiren and there are no monsters nearby, companions will go towards Shiren.
  • Companions will not stop attacking monsters (or try to go towards it) until they are dead.
  • Monsters killed by companions will still give experience to Shiren.
  • If Shiren kills a companion, he will receive nothing.
  • If a monster kills a companion, it will level up.
  • When Shiren is no longer in sight, companions will roam around, looking for monsters until they spot Shiren.
  • It is recommended that you do not take more than 3 companions because most of the times you cannot see the fourth companion and it will run away.
  • Companions will follow you to the next floor if it is allowed and if they are alive.
  • When hypnotized by a gaze, it will only be confused.

Companions can't join you in the Fei's Final Problem.

Every companion has a special ability or trait.

Kechi and Oryu cannot level up, while Pekeji levels up by dying.

While companions can be helpful, it may be risky to take them along, especially later in the dungeons where they'll often die in one hit by any of the monsters around and cause those monsters to level up. Companions will also attack spike bombs, where their low damage results in a good chance of the bomb blowing up leaving the companion (and possibly you) with only one HP.

You cannot target your companions with your sword, but arrows will do the job just fine in case you should decide to kill your companion. Disclaimer: This wiki does not support the senseless slaughter of non player characters.

Side Quest NPCs[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Locations Quests
English Japanese
Shiren 1 SFC NPC sprite - Naoki.gif Naoki the Wandering Chef ナオキ Naoki and The Cliffs
Shiren 1 SFC NPC Sprite - Smith's Apprentice.gif The Smiths Apprentice かじ屋の娘 The Blacksmiths Apprentice
Shiren 1 SFC NPC Sprite - Gaibara.gif Gaibara the Legendary Potter ガイバラ Gaibara's Pottery
Fei the Researcher 地変学者フェイ Fay's Puzzles
Kechi the Masseur 座頭ケチ
Oryu the Blinder お竜
Shiren 1 NPC Sprite - Pekeji 2.gif Pekeji ペケジ My Brother Pekeji
Satellaview Shiren Surala NPC sprite.gif Girl (Surala) スララ The Little Lost Girl

Dungeon NPCs[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Service Appearance Floors
English Japanese
Shiren 1 SFC NPC sprite - Girl (Green hair).gif

Town NPCs[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Services
English Japanese
Canyon Hamlet
Bamboo Village
Mountaintop Town
Cryptic Rock Valley
Underground Stream Village

Special[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name
English Japanese
Girl (Hallucination)
The Golden Condor 黄金のコンドル

References[edit | edit source]

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