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This Chicken Family is about the Super Famicom release. For the Ninendo DS release, see Shiren 1 DS:Hen Family.
For all Hen Family pages across the wiki, see Shiren:Hen.

File:Shiren 1 SFC - Chicken.png



Meat Cost [Data needed]
Meat Value [Data needed]
HP 4
Attack 1
Defense 1
Exp. 200

Master Chicken
File:Shiren 1 SFC - Master Chicken.png



Meat Cost [Data needed]
Meat Value [Data needed]
HP 50
Attack 43
Defense 22
Exp. 400

Great Chicken
File:Shiren 1 SFC - Great Chicken.png



Meat Cost [Data needed]
Meat Value [Data needed]
HP 90
Attack 255
Defense 26
Exp. 1,000

The Chicken monster family (Japanese: チキン系) consists of:

  1. Chicken (Japanese: チキン)
  2. Master Chicken (Japanese: マスターチキン)
  3. Great Chicken (Japanese: グレートチキン)

Combat Strategy[edit | edit source]

Meat Strategy[edit | edit source]

Monster Meat Description[edit | edit source]

  1. Chicken meat:
  2. Master Chicken meat:
  3. Great Chicken meat:

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

Chicken's don't spawn naturally and only appear when a Master Chicken or Great Chicken gets low on HP without being outright killed.

Dungeon Table Mountain Kitchen God Scroll Cave Fei's Final Problem Dungeon 5
Master Chicken 17 - 20 16 - 20 17 - 20 2 - 5
Great Chicken 46 - 99 46 - 99 46 - 59

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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