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Games[edit | edit source]

Shiren 1 SFC
Super Famicom Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer articles
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Gameplay Elements
AdventuresNot Translated symbol.pngCursesNot Translated symbol.pngFei's ProblemsUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGitanNot Translated symbol.pngInnsNot Translated symbol.pngMeldingNot Translated symbol.pngMonster HousesNot Translated symbol.pngRankingShopsNot Translated symbol.pngSmithyNot Translated symbol.pngStatesNot Translated symbol.pngThe Winds of KronNot Translated symbol.pngTraps and Floor TilesNot Translated symbol.pngUnidentified ItemsVaultsWagonsWharehousesNot Translated symbol.pngMain MenuNot Translated symbol.png
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Guides
Infinite Melding and Duplication Trick
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Items
Shiren 1 SFC - Armband.gif
BracersUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Bargain BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlessing BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngClear Mind BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngClumsiness BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCritical BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFarsight BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHappy BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHealing BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngID BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngLevelholderUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPain BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPassage BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPenetration BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRustproof BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTrapper BracerUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Herb.gif
HerbsNot Translated symbol.png
Angel SeedNot Translated symbol.pngAntidote HerbNot Translated symbol.pngConfusion HerbNot Translated symbol.pngContraction SeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDragon HerbNot Translated symbol.pngExpansion SeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHappy HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngInvincible HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKigni Tribe SeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngLife HerbNot Translated symbol.pngMedical HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngOtogiri-SoUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPoison HerbNot Translated symbol.pngPower HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRevival HerbNot Translated symbol.pngSleep HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSuper-Unlucky SeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUnlucky SeedNot Translated symbol.pngVision HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngWeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngWriggling HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Pot.gif
PotsNot Translated symbol.png
Back PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBottomless PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDivision PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFusion PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGaibara PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHiding PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHolding PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngID PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMonster PotNot Translated symbol.pngStorage PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStrengthening PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStress-Relieving PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStupid-looking PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTodo PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTransform PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUnbreakable PotNot Translated symbol.pngWeakening PotUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Arrow.gif
ProjectilesNot Translated symbol.png
Iron ArrowNot Translated symbol.pngSilver ArrowNot Translated symbol.pngWood ArrowNot Translated symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Rice Ball.gif
Rice BallsUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Big Rice BallUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHuge Rice BallUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRice BallUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRotten Rice BallUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSpecial Rice BallUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Scroll.gif
ScrollsNot Translated symbol.png
Airslash ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBigpot ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBigroom ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlank ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngChrome ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngConfuse ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCrisis ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDetonate ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngEarth ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngFastfoe ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGenocide ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHaven ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHeaven ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngIdentify ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngLight ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngLockjaw ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngLost ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngMassacre ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMonster House ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPowerup ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPurify ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSlippery ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSlumber ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngTrap ScrollNot Translated symbol.pngWithdraw ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Shield.gif
ShieldsNot Translated symbol.png
Battle CounterUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBronze ShieldNot Translated symbol.pngDisposable ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDragon ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngEcho ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFuma ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGilded ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHeavy ShieldNot Translated symbol.pngIron ShieldNot Translated symbol.pngLeather ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMine Nabari ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRasen-Fuma ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngReflex ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTodo ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngWooden ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Staff.gif
StavesNot Translated symbol.png
Blowback StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBufoo's StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBuy-Time StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDecoy StaffNot Translated symbol.pngHappy StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPaindividing StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngParalysis StaffNot Translated symbol.pngSealing StaffNot Translated symbol.pngSkeleton Mage StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSwap StaffNot Translated symbol.pngUnlucky StaffNot Translated symbol.png
Shiren 1 SFC - Weapon.gif
WeaponsNot Translated symbol.png
Accuracy SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBufoo's CleaverUnofficial Translation symbol.pngClubUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDotanukiNot Translated symbol.pngDragon KillerNot Translated symbol.pngDrain BusterNot Translated symbol.pngExorcist SickleUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGoken-ManjikabraUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHiken KaburasutegiUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKajinfumatoUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKatanaNot Translated symbol.pngMinotaur AxeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngNagamakiUnofficial Translation symbol.pngOne-eye KillerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPickaxeNot Translated symbol.pngYoto KamaitachiUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Miscellaneous Items
Shiren 1 DS - Golden City Tablet.png
Rosetta Stone
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Locations
Towns and Villages
Side locations
Bamboo Forest VillageUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCrooked Boulder ValleyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFoot of the RainbowUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGolden CityNot Translated symbol.pngLand of the SunUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSummit TownUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTwo Jizo ValleyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUnderground River TownUnofficial Translation symbol.pngValley InnUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Dungeons Cave of the Wall ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFei's Final ProblemUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShrine of the Food GodUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTable MountainNot Translated symbol.png
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Fei's ProblemsUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Monsters
Boss-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Mashoku Bug.gif
Mashoku BugUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Cyclops-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Absorber Larva.png Absorber Larva FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Gaze.png Gaze FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Iron-Head.png Iron-Head FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Peetan.png Peetan FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Dragon-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Dragon.png Dragon FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Impasse Dragon.png Impasse Dragon FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Drain-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Absorber Larva.png Absorber Larva FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Spinning Polygon.png Spinning Polygon FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Wriggling Honey.png Wriggling Honey FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Ghost-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Ether Devil.png Ether Devil FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Ghost Musha.png Ghost Musha FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Minion of Death.png Minion of Death FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Monster Daikon.png Monster Daikon FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Pumkorepkin.png Pumkorepkin FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Wood Armor.png Wood Armor FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Normal-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Bean Bandit.png Bean Bandit FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Bowya.png Bowya FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Chicken.png Chicken FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Dark Owl.png Dark Owl FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Debuta.png Debuta FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Dremlas.png Dremlas FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Face-First Warrior.png Face-First Warrior FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Field Raider.png Field Raider FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Flame Priest.png Flame Priest FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Gyazar.png Gyazar FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Haboon.png Haboon FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Healer Rabbit.png Healer Rabbit FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Karakuroid.png Karakuroid FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Kid Tengu.png Kid Tengu FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Kigni Tribe.png Kigni Tribe FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Kimen-Musha.png Kimen-Musha FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Knife Gator.png Knife Gator FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Mamul.png Mamul FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Midoro.png Midoro FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Mist Hermit.png Mist Hermit FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Nduba.png Nduba FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Monster Nigiri Beast.png Monster Nigiri Beast FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Norojo.png Norojo FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Old Man Tank.png Old Man Tank FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Shoebell.png Shoebell FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Skeleton Mage.png Skeleton Mage FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Soldier Ant.png Soldier Ant FamilyNot Translated symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Tauros.pngUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTauros Family
Shop-Based-Type Guard DogNot Translated symbol.pngSheriffNot Translated symbol.pngShopkeeperNot Translated symbol.png
Thief-Type Shiren 1 SFC - Gamara.png Gamara FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.pngShiren 1 SFC - Theftodo.png Theftodo FamilyUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Removed and Unused content
Debug roomFifth DungeonUnofficial Translation symbol.pngItemsMonstersPrototype ContentMiscellaneous unused content
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Stats
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Miscellaneous
CommercialsDevelopment OversightsManualNews ArchiveNovellaRecallRosetta StoneSoundtrackStaff CreditsTranscriptsVersion Differences
Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer - Community
Cheat CodesHackingSpeedrunning • Unofficial Translations (ChineseEnglishKoreanSpanish)
Shiren 1 DS
Nintendo DS Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer articles
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Characters
Characters (List)
Allies Borg MamelKechi the MasseurOryu the BlinderPekeji
Escorts Naoki the Wandering ChefSurala
Others ButafooterFay the ResearcherFortunetellerGaibara the Legendary Potter • Girl (Spoiled) • Koppa • Old Man (starving) • Smith's ApprenticeThe Golden Condor
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Fay's Puzzles
ArrowsThe Hidden PathAttack Over WaterKeep MovingWhere to Use It?Don't Go StraightJust RunUp to FateCanal TrapAvoid CannonballsCanned Monster?Single StrikeShortest RouteLog TrapsEnter the WalrusSingle Strike 2Attack Over Water 2Go AroundDon't ReadRecognizing TroubleFrom AfarTwo StavesPostponed3-Way AttackGhostly MovesNo Fire!Gitans?Prevent RecoveryParalysis WallThe Right StuffMonster ChaseMany Log TrapsDopplegangedAttack YourselfSlow ChaseFast ChaseHypnotized!BlockerOne Fell SwoopWhere to?Staves and MeatShopping BattleLong-Range AttacksReflected MagicGreat Hall ChaseOne by OneMoney TossDissensionAim CarefullyPatience!
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Gameplay Elements
Adventure LogBacktrackingCursesFay's PuzzlesGitanInnsMain MenuMelding and SealsMonster Houses • Rescues (Adventure While Awaiting RescueRescuesRescue Reward Items) • Reward Items (Fay's Puzzles)ShirenTown Shops (Dungeon Shops) • SmithsSpecial RoomsStatesThe Winds of KronTraps (Broken Trap Recycling) • Unidentified ItemsWagonsWarehouses
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Guides
Beginner's GuideTable Mountain StrategyFinal Puzzle StrategyFinal Puzzle Printable Item ChecklistMonster House StrategyTrap StrategyMeat StrategyThieveryTips and TricksIdentifying ItemsFun with GitanFun with Gitan MamelsRescue Passwords for ItemsStream Village Shopping SpreeLast Resort Strategy
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Items
Shiren 1 DS - Armband.png
Antidote ArmbandAntidrain ArmbandArmband of CalmArmband of LossArmband of RegretArmband of SightCritical ArmbandDiscount ArmbandDiscount ArmbandIdentity ArmbandPassage ArmbandPitcher's ArmbandRecovery ArmbandRustless ArmbandSleepless ArmbandTrap Armband
Rescue Reward Items Ace's ArmbandAlertness ArmbandArmband of LuckBarrier ArmbandBerserk ArmbandClear ArmbandCurseless ArmbandDefense ArmbandMerchant ArmbandPure ArmbandRevival ArmbandVigilant ArmbandWarding Armband
Shiren 1 DS - Herb.png
Angel SeedAntidote HerbBig Belly SeedBitter HerbDragon HerbHappiness HerbHerb of AmnesiaHerb of ConfusionHerb of InvisibilityHerb of LifeHerb of RevivalHerb of SightHerb of StrengthHerb of VictoryKigny SeedLittle Belly SeedMedicinal HerbPoison HerbRestorative HerbSeed of Ill LuckSeed of MisfortuneSleeping HerbWeeds
Shiren 1 DS - Jar.png
Bottomless JarChiropractic JarGaibara's JarJar of ChangeJar of HidingJar of HoldingJar of IdentityMelding JarMonster JarPointless JarStorehouse JarStrengthening JarUnbreakable JarVenting JarWalrus JarWeakening Jar
Shiren 1 DS - Arrow.png
Wooden ArrowsIron ArrowsSilver ArrowsPoison ArrowsStoneCannonballs
Shiren 1 DS - Riceball.png
RiceballBig RiceballGiant RiceballRotten RiceballSpecial Riceball
Shiren 1 DS - Scroll.png
Air Bless ScrollBlank ScrollBlastwave ScrollDestruction ScrollEarth Bless ScrollExtraction ScrollGreat Hall ScrollHands Full ScrollMonster ScrollPlating ScrollPower Up ScrollRiceball ScrollSanctuary ScrollScroll of BlessingScroll of ChainsScroll of ConfusionScroll of ExplosionScroll of HasteScroll of IdentityScroll of LightScroll of NeedScroll of RemovalScroll of SilenceScroll of SleepScroll of TrapsSuper Trap ScrollWandering Scroll
Shiren 1 DS - Staff.png
Accelerating StaffBufu's StaffDoppelganger StaffKnockback StaffLightning StaffPain Sharing StaffSealing StaffSkull StaffStaff of HappinessStaff of MisfortuneStaff of ParalysisStaff of PostponeStaff of RecoveryStaff of SlothStaff of StabilitySwitching Staff
Shiren 1 DS - Weapon.png
Air SlayerBufu's CleaverCrescent ArmCudgelCyclops KillerDragonkillerDrain BusterFirebrandFragile EdgeGolden BladeHoming BladeKabra RebornKabra's BladeKatanaKigny AxeMasterswordMinotaur's AxePickaxePolearmRazor WindSickle Slayer
Rescue Reward Items Cudgel XDragonkill XGoldblade XMaster XPolearm X
Shiren 1 DS - Shield.png
Armor WardBlast ShieldBronzewardDragonwardEvasive ShieldFancy ShieldFragile ShieldGaze ShieldGold ShieldHide ShieldIron ShieldKigny ShieldPrism ShieldSpiked WardStormwardWalrus ShieldWindshieldWood Shield
Rescue Reward Items Armor XBlast XBronze XDragon XGolden XHide XIron XSpiked XWood X
Miscellaneous Items Shiren 1 DS - Trap Icon Small.png Broken TrapsShiren 1 DS - Dish.png Dish • Shiren 1 DS - Electrified.png Electrified • Shiren 1 DS - Dream Gas Effect.png Flowers • Shiren 1 DS - Golden Feather.png Golden Feather • Shiren 1 DS - Gitan.png GitanShiren 1 DS - Meat.png Monster MeatShiren 1 DS - Fake.png N'Duba FamilyShiren 1 DS - Tainted wing.png Tainted Wing
Shiren 1 DS - Golden City Tablet.png
Rosetta Stone
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Locations
Towns Canyon HamletBamboo VillageMountaintop Town The Cliffs RestaurantJanus ValleyCryptic Rock ValleyUnderground Stream VillageGolden City
Dungeons Road to the HamletTable MountainKitchen GodScroll CaveRavine of the DeadCeremonial CaveTainted PathFinal Puzzle
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Monsters
Monster articles Monsters ListRosetta StoneSpecial Enemies
Boss-Type Shiren 1 DS - King of the Kigny sprite.png King of the KignyShiren 1 DS - Tainted Insect sprite.png Tainted InsectShiren 1 DS - Tainted Queen sprite.png Tainted QueenTainted Soldier.png Tainted Soldier
Curse-Type Curse Girl.png Curse Girl Family
Cyclops-Type Egg Thing.png Egg Thing FamilyGaze.png Gaze FamilyIronhead.png Ironhead FamilyLeech Worm.png Leech Worm FamilySpike Bomb.png Spike Bomb Family
Dragon-Type Dragon.png Dragon FamilyFirepuff.png Firepuff FamilyFloor Dragon.png Floor Dragon Family
Drain-Type Leech Worm.png Leech Worm FamilyPolygon Spin.png Polygon Spin FamilyTwisty Hani.png Twisty Hani Family
Exploding-Type Popster Tank.png Popster Tank FamilySpike Bomb.png Spike Bomb Family
Floating-Type Air Devil.png Air Devil FamilyDeath Reaper.png Death Reaper FamilyDragon.png Dragon FamilyFirepuff.png Firepuff FamilyFlying Fowl.png Flying Fowl FamilyPacorepkin.png Pacorepkin Family
Ghost-Type Air Devil.png Air Devil FamilyCell Armor.png Cell Armor FamilyDead Soldier.png Dead Soldier FamilyDeath Reaper.png Death Reaper FamilyPacorepkin.png Pacorepkin FamilySkull Mage.png Skull Mage Family
Hypnotic-Type Gaze.png Gaze Family
Normal-Type Baby Tank.png Baby Tank FamilyBaby Tengu.png Baby Tengu FamilyBowboy.png Bowboy FamilyChintala.png Chintala FamilyDark Eye.png Dark Eye FamilyDark Owl.png Dark Owl FamilyDremlas.png Dremlas FamilyEvil Soldier.png Evil Soldier FamilyField Bandit.png Field Bandit FamilyFluffy Bunny.png Fluffy Bunny FamilyGather.png Gather FamilyHalf Warrior.png Half Warrior FamilyHen.png Hen FamilyInferno.png Inferno FamilyKigny.png Kigny FamilyKnifegator.png Knifegator FamilyMamel.png Mamel FamilyMecharoid.png Mecharoid FamilyMini Robber.png Mini Robber FamilyN'Duba.png N'Duba FamilyParthenos.png Parthenos FamilyPiggy.png Piggy FamilyRice Baby.png Rice Baby FamilySchubell.png Schubell FamilySnaky.png Snaky FamilySoldier Ant.png Soldier Ant FamilyTaur.png Taur FamilyTiger Uho.png Tiger Uho Family
Poison Herb-Type Ghost Radish.png Ghost Radish Family
Rust-Type Green Slime.png Green Slime Family
Shop-Based-Type Guard DogSheriffShopkeeper.png Shopkeeper
Staff Attack-Type Fog Hermit.png Fog Hermit FamilySkull Mage.png Skull Mage Family
Thief-Type Pickpocket.png Pickpocket FamilyThiefwalrus.png Thiefwalrus Family
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Quests
Main-Story Shiren 1 - Golden Condor banner.png
Rescue the Golden Condor
Party Member Recruitment Quests Shiren 1 DS - Kechi sprite.png Kechi the Masseur (quest)Shiren 1 DS - Pekeji sprite.png My Brother PekejiShiren 1 DS - Oryu sprite.png Oryu the Blinder (quest)
Side Quests The Blacksmith's Apprentice (quest)Gaibara's PotteryNaoki and The CliffsBungee JumpingThe Little Lost Girl
Post-Credits Quests Rescue PekejiRescue GaibaraRescue NaokiRescue the Inhabitants of Cryptic Rock Valley
Random Events The Spoiled GirlVoices in the InnFree Items from the Dog
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Rescue Passwords for Items
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Stats
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Traps
Broken Trap RecyclingTraps ListTrap Strategy
Alarm TrapBig Landmine TrapBoulder TrapCurse TrapDream Gas TrapHunger TrapImmobilization TrapIron Arrow TrapKnockback TrapLandmine TrapLog TrapMultiplication TrapOne-Way TrapPitfall TrapPoison Dart TrapRiceball TrapRotten TrapRusty TrapSleeping Gas TrapSlowness TrapSpinning TrapSpring TrapStairway TrapStumble TrapSummon TrapUnequip TrapWood Arrow Trap
Broken TrapsTransport Pattern
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer - Miscellaneous
ManualsTranscriptsDevelopment OversightsRosetta StoneShiren the Wanderer: Flowers Dancing in the Golden Town AmtecaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCommercialsNews ArchiveRescue Password ArchiveSoundtrackStaff CreditsVersion DifferencesDifferences from the Super Famicom release
Shiren 2
Nintendo 64 Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2 - Shiren's Castle and the Oni Invasion articles
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2 - Shiren's Castle and the Oni Invasion - Cutting Room Floor content
Prototype Content
Shiren 3 Wii
Wii Shiren the Wanderer articles
Shiren the Wanderer (game) - Gameplay Elements
DefeatLevelingMonster HousesRescuesStairsStatesShirenTraps and Floor Tiles
Shiren the Wanderer (game) - Locations Alphabetical
Towns Ruined TempleShop, Bank, StorageYotsume RockOtsutsuki Village
Story Dungeons Catfish's NestCentipede's DenEagle's FortressExteriorForest of FireIllusionary WorldInner CitadelInteriorKarakuri PassKarakuri TowerKoujinmaru IIIMountain of WaterOchimizu Pass (Story Mode)Outer ShrinePalace KeepPond of the DragonSanuki ForestSanuki Thicket (Story Mode)Stage in the SkyTengu's CastleTomb of KaguyaTower PrecinctTreasuryValley of the DeadYomi PalaceYomotsu Hirasaka
Post-Credit Dungeons Bufu CaveDragon VeinsHidden PathMillennium DungeonOchimizu Pass (Past - post credits)Sanuki Forest (post-credits quest)Sanuki Thicket (past - post-credits)Tsuzura MazeVoid of the Strong
Special Locations Dungeon of WarMysterious DungeonPortal DungeonBattle Arena (Round 12)Battle Arena (Round 2)Shrine of Mystery
Shiren the Wanderer (game) - Dungeons Story Order
Story Dungeons Sanuki ForestKarakuri PassCentipede's DenEagle's FortressCatfish's NestTengu's CastleOchimizu Pass (Story Mode)Sanuki Thicket (Story Mode)ExteriorKoujinmaru IIIInteriorIllusionary WorldForest of FireMountain of WaterValley of the DeadPond of the DragonKarakuri TowerTower PrecinctOuter ShrineInner CitadelTreasuryStage in the SkyPalace KeepTomb of KaguyaYomotsu HirasakaYomi Palace
Post-Credits Sanuki Forest (post-credits quest)Battle Arena (Round 1)Battle Arena (Round 2)
Shiren the Wanderer (game) - Stats
Shiren the Wanderer (game) - Items
ArmbandsHerbsJarsMonster MeatProjectilesRiceballsScrollsShieldsSpellsStavesWeapons

Lore[edit | edit source]

Shiren the Wanderer (series) - Characters
Origin of Localized Character Names
Playable AsukaSenseiShiren the Wanderer (Shiren Ancestor)
Allies Banana PrinceBorg MamelEdnaGalwinGenJirokichiKechi the MasseurKoharuKojiroutaJinpachiMinamoMiriMA-MOOkonOryu the BlinderPekejiSarma Bros.TaoZoso the Robot
The 8 Rivanian Beast Gods BufuDorasGitauKaka RooKronMuradoUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSakaiUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRiva (Reeva)
Lords and Ladies Banana PrinceKing of the KignyPrincess AtekaPrincess KaguyaPrincess SuzuneRyoushu
Minor Characters BalibaliBattle SpiritsBlacksmithBlacksmiths ApprenticeGaibara the Legendary PotterGimenshaIzanamiJofukuJuroutaKaminaKichizoKoyoriNaoki the Wandering ChefOboroOroOtakaOyuPriestRanking ChiefUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSachiSheriffShopkeeperSoboroSuralaZagan
Animals ChickenGolden CondorGenGuard DogKoppaNfu the Demon PuppyNiwatoriPochiTanmomo
Oni King of the KignyOni BossUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Robots Borg MamelZoso the RobotUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Monsters Antipode MamelCuras
Other MA-MO
Shiren the Wanderer (series) - Items
Armbands / Bracelets (List)
Ace's ArmbandAching Armband (Inacc. Bracelet)Alertness ArmbandAlert BraceletAlleyway Armband (Alleyway Bracelet)Analyzer Armband (Identify Bracelet)Anti-Feeble ArmbandAnti-Hani ArmbandAnti-Parry Brce.Antidote Armband (Cleansing Bracelet)Antidrain ArmbandArmband of Calm (Anti-Cnf. Bracelet)Armband of TurningUnofficial Translation symbol.pngArmband of LossArmband of LuckArmband of MissUnofficial Translation symbol.pngArmband of ParryUnofficial Translation symbol.pngArmband of Regret (Critical Bracelet)Armband of RevivalArmband of Sight (Scout Bracelet)Armband of SpiritsUnofficial Translation symbol.pngArmband of WishUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBarrier ArmbandBerserk ArmbandBinge ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBunch BraceletClear ArmbandClinging ArmbandConvert ArmbandCritical ArmbandCurseless Armband (Anti-Crs. Bracelet)Defense ArmbandDiet ArmbandDiscount ArmbandDozer BraceletDragon Tile BraceletUnofficial Translation symbol.pngEscapist Armband (Wall Clip Bracelet)Explosive Armband (Explosion Bracelet)Fireward ArmbandFloating BraceletGerridae Armband (Waterwalk Brce.)Golden ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHappy Armband (Growth Bracelet)Hercules Armband (Strength Bracelet)Identity ArmbandItemphobicItem DetectorKappa ArmbandLoud ArmbandNullify ArmbandMerchant ArmbandMojo BraceletMonster DetectorMonsterphobicMonster SummonerNfu ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngNight WardNo-Control ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngNonary BraceletPacorepkin ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPaper ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPassage ArmbandPitcher's Armband (Can. Arm Bracelet)Pure ArmbandRainbow ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRecovery Armband (Heal Bracelet)Regular ArmbandRevival ArmbandRustless ArmbandSalty BraceletUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSearch ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSecurity ArmbandShield ArmbandShinobi ArmbandSpirited ArmbandSleepless ArmbandSong BraceletUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStaunch BraceletSturdy ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSwipe ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTrap Armband (1) (Trapper Bracelet)Trap Armband (2) (Trap Bracelet)Trap Seek ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTurn ArmbandUnofficial Translation symbol.pngVigilant ArmbandVIP BraceletWarding ArmbandWarp Armband (Blink Bracelet)
Catstones (List)
Blue CatGreen CatIndigo CatOrange CatPurple CatRed CatYellow Cat
Flowers (List)
AgaveGentianLily of the ValleyPlum TreeQueen of the NightRafflesiaRed Spider LilyRoseRueSunflower
Food (List)
(Bananas • Meat • Riceballs (Onigiri))
Cooked Boiled EggUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCooked MeatRoasted BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngToasted Riceball
Regular Big RiceballBufu's RiceballUnofficial Translation symbol.pngChoco BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDiet BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngEggUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGiant RiceballGreen BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHard PeachIce BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngJuicy PeachKoyori's RiceballUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMeatPeachRiceballRipe BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSpecial RiceballStrange RiceballYellow BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.png
Rotten Rotten BananaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRotten MeatRotten PeachRotten Riceball
Herbs and Seeds / Grasses (List)
Angel SeedAntidote Herb (Antidote Grass)Big Belly Seed (Stomach Expander)Bitter HerbBlinding GrassBoost GrassUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCurative Herb (Heal Grass)Dark Fire Herb (Imabikiso)Dracon GrassDragon Herb (Dragon Grass)Fine GrassGut GrassHappiness Herb (Joyous HerbCheery Grass)Herb of Amnesia (Amnesia HerbAmnesia Grass)Haste Herb (Swift Grass)Healing HerbHerb of Invisibility (Invisible Herb)Herb of Confusion (Confusion HerbConfusion Grass)Herb of Life (Life HerbLife Grass)Herb of Revival (Revival HerbRevival Grass)Herb of Sight (Eye Salve HerbPerception Grass)Herb of Strength (Strength HerbStrength Grass)Herb of Victory (Victory HerbInvincible Grass)Hercules HerbKigny SeedLittle Belly Seed (Stomach Shrinker)Medicinal Herb (Herb)Millennium PillNymph GrassPoison Herb (Poison Grass)Power Up GrassRage Seed (Rage Grass)Ranzan HerbUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRepeat GrassRestorative Herb (Otogiriso)Seed of Ill Luck (Ill Luck SeedSuperUnlucky Seed)Seed of Misfortune (Misfortune SeedUnlucky Seed)Sleeping Herb (Sleepy Grass)Talk SeedUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUndo GrassUpgrade SeedWarp Herb (Warp Grass)Weeds
Jars / Pots (List)
4-2-8 PotAbsorb JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngAksys Pot (Developer Pot)Blessed Jar (Blessing Pot)Bottomless Jar (Black Hole Pot)Cannon JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCash Jar (Sale Pot)Character PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngChiropractic Jar (Heal Pot)Choco PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCursed Jar (Curse Pot)Dodger PotFever PotFloramorph PotGaibara's JarGimensha JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGrass PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGrilling PotHealing JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHeavenly PotHilarious PotJar FragmentJar of Change (Change JarPresto Pot)Jar of DivisionUnofficial Translation symbol.pngJar of Hiding (Hiding JarHide Pot)Jar of Hiding (Unofficial Translation)Unofficial Translation symbol.pngJar of Holding (Holding JarPreservation Pot)Jar of Identity (Identity JarIdentify Pot)Klein PotLucky PotMelding Jar (Synthesis Pot)Memento PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngModder's PotMonster Jar (Monster Pot)Monster Pot (Unofficial Translation)Perceptive PotPointless JarPot of OilPurifying Jar (Exorcism Pot)Receiving JarReflection PotRegular Jar (Ordinary Pot)Savings PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSealed JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSecret PotSending JarShrine Maid. PotSticky Jar (Sticky Pot)Storehouse Jar (BS Storage Jar)Unofficial Translation symbol.pngStrengthening Jar (Upgrade Pot)Surprise PotUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTeleport JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTraditional JarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUnbreakable Jar (Unbreakable Pot)Unlucky PotVenting Jar (Anger Jar)Walrus Jar (Zalokleft Pot)Water Jar (Water Pot)Weakening Jar (Degrade Pot)Zen Pot
Projectiles (List)
(Arrows • Cannonballs • Stones)
Bullseye Arrows (Truestrike Arrow)Cannon Balls (Cannonballs)Confusion ArrowsCritical Arrows (Critical Arrow)David's BulletFatal Arrows (Killer Arrow)Gale ArrowsIron Arrows (Iron Arrow)Karanba ArrowsUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKnockback Arrows (Knockback Arrow)Lightning ArrowsMoon StonesPiggy Stones (Porky Rock)Poison Arrows (Poison Arrow)Random ArrowRightstoneShadowbind ArrowsSilver Arrows (Silver Arrow)Stones (StoneRock)Suicide ArrowTank AmmoVitality Arrows (Drain Arrow)Wooden Arrows (Wood Arrow)

NETA: へもじの矢爆弾石

Scrolls (List)
Air Bless Scroll (Fate Scroll)Arbor ScrollArmband Synthesis ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngAttraction ScrollBankruptcy ScrollBanana ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBarrier ScrollBig Explosion ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlank ScrollBlastwave Scroll (Vacuum Slash Scrl)Blaze ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlessing ScrollCollection ScrollCommend. LetterCopy ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCoupon ScrollCuring ScrollCurse ScrollDarth ScrollDestruction Scroll (Destroyer ScrollExpulsion Scroll)Dispel Aura ScrollDragon Orb ScrollDrought Scroll (Desert Scroll)Earth Bless Scroll (Soil Bless ScrollEarth Scroll)Escape ScrollExtraction ScrollFailure ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGambler's ScrollGathering ScrollGreat Hall ScrollHands Full Scroll (Overloaded ScrollGrounded Scroll)Heal Party ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHealing ScrollHoming ScrollGravity ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngIce ScrollImmunity ScrollJar Growth Scroll (Pot God Scroll)Lightning ScrollLight ScrollLost Arts ScrollMate ScrollMonster Recover ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMonster Recover Scroll (Mnster House Scrl)Night-Day ScrollNixer ScrollNullify ScrollOil ScrollParanoia Scroll (Fear Scroll)Piece of PaperPlating ScrollPot Dog ScrollPower Up ScrollRecommend. LetterReplenish ScrollRestock ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRetreat ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRiceball Scroll (Onigiri Scroll)Rockfall ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSale ScrollSanctaruy ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSanctuary ScrollScroll of Blessing (Blessing ScrollExorcism Scroll)Scroll of ChainsScroll of Confusion (Confusion Scroll)Scroll of Explosion (Explosion Scroll)Scroll of ExtinctionUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of FastenUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of FightUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of FireUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of Haste (Haste ScrollSwift Foe Scroll)Scroll of Identity (Identity Scroll)Scroll of Light (Light ScrollNavigation Scroll)Scroll of Need (Distress ScrollFixer Scroll)Scroll of Removal (Extinction Scroll)Scroll of Silence (Silence ScrollMuzzled Scroll)Scroll of Sleep (Sleep ScrollSlumber Scroll)Scroll of Traps (Traps ScrollTrap Scroll)Scroll of TroubleUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of VictoryShadow ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngScroll of WaterUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSoaked Scroll (Wet Scroll)Squid Sushi ScrollSturdy Pot ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSumeragi ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSuper Trap ScrollSynthesis ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTag ScrollTechnique ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTrap Killer Scroll (Trap Deletion Scrl)Trap Trigger ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngUnexploded ScrollUnofficial Translation symbol.pngWandering Scroll (Lost Scroll)
Shields (List)
Armor Ward (Bulky ShieldHeavy Aspis Lv.5)Armor XBasilisk ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBeast King Shield (Beast King Shld Lv.4)Binary Shield Lv.1Blazing Shield Lv.1Blast ShieldBlast XBowl Shield Lv.1Bronzeward (Bronze Shield Lv.6)Bronze XCave Mamel ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCentury ShieldCerulean ShieldCrimson Shield (Red Shield Lv.1)Curseless ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDaisangen ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDay Shield Lv.1Deflect ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDemon ShieldDouble Seal ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDragonward (Dragon Aegis Lv.7)Dragon XEcho ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngElegant ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngEvasive Shield (Spry Shield Lv.1)Exchange ShieldFancy ShieldFestival ShieldFirefly ShieldFox Shield Lv.1Fragile Shield (Shoddy Heater Lv.4)Gaze Shield (Anti-Gaze Shld Lv.2)Genseki ShieldGlass Buckler Lv.1Gold Shield Lv.1Golden XGround CounterUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGyadon Blocker Lv.1Hades' ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHalberd ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHalf Warrior ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHappy ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHeavy ShieldHelix Shield Lv.1Hide ShieldHide XHoshino MikoshiUnofficial Translation symbol.pngIron Shield (Iron Aspis Lv.4)Iron XIvory ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKabra's ArmorUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKarakuroid ShieldKeshin ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKigny ShieldLock Shield Lv.1Lucky Shield (Student Shield Lv.1)Mamel ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMeteorite Shield (Fine Shieldite Lv.5)Midnight Shield Lv.1Missile ShieldOnigiri Shield Lv.1Ookabuto ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngParry Shield Lv.1Pathetic Shield Lv.1Pauper's Plank Lv.1Pickpocket ShieldPlain Targe Lv.1Poison ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPower ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPrism Shield (Prismagic Shld Lv.7)Pyrite ShieldRation Shield (Diet Shield Lv.1)Rubber ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRush Shield Lv.1Sacred ShieldSafe Shield Lv.1Satori Shield (Nirvana Board Lv.1)Savage ShieldScale ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSpiked Ward SpikewardMega Counter Lv.7)Spiked XSteadfast Shield Lv.5StormwardTempered Wooden ShieldUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTree ShieldWalrus ShieldWindshield Wind ShieldFuuma Aspis Lv.5)Wolfshead Lv.1Wood ShieldWood X

NETA: ジャガーの盾 Lv.1鬼哭の盾心眼の盾アイアントドの盾轟雷ナバリの盾アイアントドの盾バトルリベンジラセン幻魔の盾幻魔の盾龍神の盾

Spells (List)
(Spells • Talismans)
Berserker Tal.Clone SpellConfusion SpellDream SpellEnraged TalismanFurious TalismanGlorious TalismanPain Share SpellParanoia SpellPoison SpellSeal SpellShadow Bind Tal.Sleep SpellSlow SpellSlumber SpellSwift TalismanWhiff Spell
Staves (List)
Absorb StaffAccelerating Staff (Haste StaffSwift Staff)Adamant StaffAlloy StaffAttract StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlaze StaffBolt StaffBomb StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBufu's StaffChange StaffDoppelganger Staff (Decoy StaffClone Staff)Drama StaffEarthen StaffElectric StaffExile StaffFailure StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFire StaffFire Staff (Unofficial Translation)Flash Bomb StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngForest StaffGaia StaffHail StaffHerb Effect StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHerb Reception StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngIce StaffIcicle StaffIllusion StaffInferno StaffInvisible StaffKnockback StaffKnowledge StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngLeaping Staff (Pinning Staff)Lightning StaffMagician StaffMidnight StaffMud Staff (Fort. Staff)Nagging StaffNature StaffOnyx StaffOrdinary StaffPain Sharing Staff (Pain Share StaffEmpathy Staff)Phantom StaffPossession StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPull StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngQuarter StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRaging Fury StaffRaging StaffSealing Staff (Nullify StaffSeal Staff)Shadow StaffShadowbind StaffSharing StaffShocking StaffSkull StaffMage StaffSorcerer StaffSpirit StaffStaff of DrawingUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStaff of ExchangeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngStaff of Happiness (Challenge StaffGlorious Staff)Staff of Misfortune (Misfortune StaffUnlucky Staff)Staff of Paralysis (Paralysis Staff)Staff of Postpone (Transient Staff)Staff of Recovery (Recovery Staff)Staff of SacrificeStaff of Sloth (Sloth StaffSlow Staff)Staff of Stability (Balance Staff)Steel StaffStaff of SwingUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSwitching Staff (Swap Staff)Tenjin StaffUnofficial Translation symbol.pngThunder StaffTrap Killer Staff (Trap Del. Staff)Tree StaffTunnel Staff (Boring Staff)Whiff StaffWizard StaffWraith Staff
Torches (List)
Fine TorchSuper TorchTorch
Weapons (List)
Adamant PickaxeAir Slayer (Cloud Cleaver Lv.5)Amano KaguraUnofficial Translation symbol.pngAura SpearAxe of PursuitBaffle Axe Lv.1Bamboo SpearUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBamboo SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlade CleaverBladed WheelUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBlurry Stick Lv.1Branch of WeaknessUnofficial Translation symbol.pngBronze Sword (Bronze Blade Lv.5)Bufu's CleaverCave Mamel SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCelestial SwordCell Armor SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCerulean BladeChaos AxeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCharged RodChunsoft SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCircuit BreakerConfusion BladeCopper Cleaver Lv.1Crescent Arm (Crescent Katana Lv.1)Crimson Blade (Red Sword Lv.5)Crisis SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngCudgel (Ordinary Stick Lv.1)Cudgel XCyclops Killer (Myopic Masher Lv.1)Daisangen SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDemon SlayerDirk of Debts Lv.1Doubling SwordDouble Seal WeaponUnofficial Translation symbol.pngDragonkiller (Dragon KillerDragon Blade Lv.6)Dragonkill XDrain Buster (Drain Master Lv.8)Dried BonitoUnofficial Translation symbol.pngExtreme Sword Lv.1Fang Sword (Fang Blade Lv.5)Firebrand (Fiery Fuuma Fuuma Sword Lv.7)Fish SpearUnofficial Translation symbol.pngFlame Sword Lv.3Fox Kodachi Lv.1Fragile Edge (Shoddy Edge Lv.4)Fuuma Katana Fuuma Sword Lv.5Fuuma Sword Lv.1Gamarra WhipUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGenseki SwordGiant HarisenGlass Dirk Lv.1GoboUnofficial Translation symbol.pngGolden Blade (Dull Gold Edge Lv.1)Goldblade XHealing SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHidamari's SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngHoming Blade (True Rapier Lv.4)Houken BladeHydra's Sword (Sea Snake Blade Lv.5)Iridescent SwordIronhead's HeadUnofficial Translation symbol.pngIron HammerIvory SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngJitteKabra Reborn (Kaburasutegi Lv.8)Kabra's BladeKabura Katana Lv.1Katana Lv.1Kengo's KatanaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngKigny AxeLife SwordLucky HammerUnofficial Translation symbol.pngLucky SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMagic Masher Lv.1Mamel SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMarine SlasherUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMastersword (Dotanuki Lv.1)Master X (Fine Dotanuki Dotanuki Lv.6)MattockMegataur AxeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMeteorite Blade (Katanite Lv.5)MijinhaUnofficial Translation symbol.pngMinotaur's AxeMoonbow SwordMorning StarUnofficial Translation symbol.pngNaginataNap Rattle Lv.1NodachiOnigiri SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngOokabuto AxeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngParalysis PikePathetic Blade Lv.1Perfect BladePickaxe (Rusty Pickaxe Lv.1)PolearmPolearm XPower PoleUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPyrite SwordRazor Wind (Gale Gutter Lv.5)Recovery SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngRyujin SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSacred Sword (Sealing Keisaku Lv.1)Scythe Lv.1Sealing SwordSenkakonShadow BladeShadowbind BladeShield CleaverShockuto Lv.1Sickle SlayerSlumber SwordSoul SickleUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSpark Sword (Flash Blade Lv.6)SpearUnofficial Translation symbol.pngSteel FanSturdy HammerTempered Wooden SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngTornado SickleUchigatana IssenViolent Blade Lv.1War God's Axe (Hatchet Lv.1)WatouWhite Tiger AxeUnofficial Translation symbol.pngWooden Mallet (Old Mallet Lv.1)Wonder Pick Lv.1Wooden SwordUnofficial Translation symbol.pngYomino MinasokoUnofficial Translation symbol.pngZabimaru

NETA: バーゲンの刀 Lv.1カミナの剣 Lv.1一つ目斬ドレインレイド破邪の鎌まさくに豪剣マンジカブラ旋風かまいたち無双チュンソフ刀魔剣カブラステギ

Miscellaneous Items (List)
Broken TrapsDirtDishElectrified ItemFake ItemFlowersFriendship LicenseGitanGolden FeatherHot Spring WaterKarakuri KeyLegendary Kron ItemsUnofficial Translation symbol.pngPoint CardTainted WingWater

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