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Daily Dungeon

No description available
Entrance Location
Shiren 5 official website.
Total Floor Count
Bring Items In
Take Items Out
Bring Gitan In
Bring Allies In
Monster Spawn Rate
1 monster per floor.

The Daily Dungeon(UT) (Japanese: 毎日ダンジョン, Daily Dungeon) was an Adobe Flash based dungeon playable on the official Shiren the Wanderer 5: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate website.[1] The earliest known availability of the game was November 11, 2010, when it was mentioned on the Shiren 5 game director's blog.[2]


The goal was to reach floor 99 where players would be rewarded with a Tanuki Password for use in Shiren 5. Players would fight a monster on each floor (you couldn't control your actions), victory would result in the player obtaining a weapon, shield or one of the scrolls that raises item levels, an Fate Scroll or Earth Bless Scroll. The scrolls would increase weapon value by 1, 3, 5 or 10 points.[3] When defeated, players would be reset to level 1, lose all items but keep their levels and presumably HP. High level players who were defeated would have the possibility of skipping 20 floors upon defeating a monster, saving time.[3]

The dungeon could only be played once a day, if defeated, the game was over and the player wouldn't be allowed to continue until the next day. When reaching a new floor, the game would give the player the option to pause the game for the day. When resuming gameplay the next time, their HP would be restored and they'd pick up where they left off. Every 4 floors, give or take, a stronger monster would spawn, incentivizing players to stop playing for the day and take a break to not lose progress.


The only known monster spawn is a Mamel on floor 12 and it is unknown if monster spawns were static.



  • モンスターを倒してダンジョンを進んでいきましょう。
  • 99階まで到達できると、「風来のシレン 5」ゲーム内で使用できる「タヌキの合言葉」を入手できます。
  • 倒れると、その日のゲームは終了です。翌日にはHPが全回復し、倒れた階から再スタートします。
  • 倒れずに進んだ場合も翌日にはHPが全回復し、冒険を継続できます。


In Other Languages

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of the United States
Daily Dungeon
日本語 Flag of Japan 毎日ダンジョン Daily Dungeon


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