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Your weapon is one of the most vital items in the game -- while it's possible to get a ways with fists alone, the right weapon can turn the dangerous later floors into a breeze.

All weapons have a basic damage value (Str), a current damage bonus(+X) as well a maximum possible bonus (Max). Reading an Heaven Scroll will increase the current bonus (up to Max), while Rust Switch and some Monsters can reduce it (down to -Str). Rarely a scroll will add +3 Str to your weapon. Some weapons have intrinsic special abilities (seals), from turning monsters into meat, to critical hits, to digging, to something as simple as increased damage vs. certain [[:Category:Monster Types|types of monsters}}. Using a Fusion Pot, all of those abilities can be melded into a single blade, a vital key to creating a powerful weapon.

Buying and Selling[edit | edit source]

Weapons List[edit | edit source]

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Seal Str Shop Description
English Japanese Base Cost Cost+ Value Value+
Club こん棒
Katana カタナ
Pickaxe つるはし
Yoto Kamaitachi 長巻

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