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Your weapon is one of the most vital items in the game -- while it's possible to get away with fists alone, the right weapon can turn the dangerous later floors into a breeze.

All weapons have a basic damage value (Str), a current damage bonus(+X) as well a maximum possible bonus (Max). Reading an Heaven Scroll will increase the current bonus (up to Max), while Rust Switch and some Monsters can reduce it (down to -Str). Rarely a scroll will add +3 Str to your weapon. Some weapons have intrinsic special abilities (seals), from turning monsters into meat, to critical hits, to digging, to something as simple as increased damage vs. certain types of monsters. Using a Fusion Pot, all of those abilities can be melded into a single blade, a vital key to creating a powerful weapon.

Buying and Selling[edit | edit source]

Weapons List[edit | edit source]

Sprite Shiren 1 SFC - Weapon.gif


Seal Str Shop Description
English Japanese Base Cost Cost+ Value Value+
Club こん棒
Katana カタナ
Pickaxe つるはし
Yoto Kamaitachi 長巻

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