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Underground Stream Village
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For the lore page on Underground Stream Village, see Shiren:Underground Stream Village.

The Underground Stream VillageNot Translated symbol.png (Japanese: 地下水脈の村) of BS Shiren isn't the Underground Stream Village you might remember. It only has one building, a warehouse. It no longer contains a shop and the original map didn't even have a warehouse. The warehouse is stocked with 20 stacks containing 18 cursed arrows each. There's 3 Characters that can be talked to, one of them blocking the path to the Cave of BS who must be talked to before you're allowed to progress.

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Map differences between versions[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Super Famicom Shiren, the BS Underground Stream Village only has a warehouse. Unlike the BS Underground Stream Village, the SFC Shiren didn't even have a warehouse in the village. The final version contained a store and several other homes and buildings. The entire village layout and pathway is different in every way compared to the original.

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