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Staves are wooden sticks that can contain a variety of useful and/or dangerous powers that Shiren can swing or throw at his enemies.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Charges[edit | edit source]

All staves have charges, which are displayed as a bracketed value after the name (such as [5]). This represents the number of times the staff can be swung. Staves can hold up to [99] charges. Melding (see below) with a staff that already has [99] charges will cause the excess charges to be lost in the process

Swinging[edit | edit source]

When Shiren swings a staff, he causes a magic bolt to fly away in the direction he is facing. This bolt uses one of the staff's charges. If the bolt hits a creature, it will apply the staff's effect. Bolts will travel until they hit a wall or the edge of the map - there is no limit to the range on bolts from staves. Bolts from staves do not miss. If they collide with a creature, they will hit them. Swinging a staff that has [0] charges will have no effect, but will still consume one turn.

Throwing[edit | edit source]

Staves can also be thrown. Throwing a staff is much like throwing an arrow: the staff will fly up to 10 tiles in the direction Shiren is facing. If the staff hits a creature, it will treat it as though the creature has been hit by a bolt from that staff - with the exception that the staff will be destroyed in the process. Unlike swinging, thrown staves can miss. Throwing a staff will work even if the staff has [0] charges. This means that if you have used up the charges in your staff, and are desperate for the effect, throwing it is a viable option.

Melding[edit | edit source]

Multiple staves of the same type can be melded together by inserting them into a Fusion Pot. Doing so will meld them into one staff with the combined number of charges from all of them. Thus, putting a Blowback Staff [3], a Blowback Staff [4], and a Blowback Staff [5] inside a Fusion Pot will give you a Blowback Staff [12].

This process can be repeated as long as you still have staves and Fusion Pots.

List of Staves[edit | edit source]

  • Base prices are for [0] charges.
Shiren 1 SFC Item Icons - Staff.gif
Shop Description
English Japanese Cost Cost+ Value Value+
Paindividing Staff 痛み分けの杖
Skeleton Mage Staff ガイコツまどうの杖
Happy Staff しあわせの杖

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