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Bamboo Village
BS Satellaview - Bamboo Village Map.png
For the lore page on Bamboo Village, see Shiren:Bamboo Village.

The Bamboo VillageNot Translated symbol.png (Japanese: 竹林の村) only makes an appearance in cutscenes showing Oryu and Pekeji joining Shiren on adventures. The Cave of BS skips over the village entirely and when Shiren clears the dungeon, he's in Mountaintop Town.

Cutscene Week 1[edit | edit source]

Week 1 starts off with a cutscene showing Oryu first blinding a man in the normal Table Mountain early floors (3 - 4) and then cuts to Bamboo Village showing the 2 men talking about confronting her before finally showing them confronting her before Shiren shows up.

Cutscene Week 2[edit | edit source]

Week 2 starts off with a cutscene showing Shiren meeting Pekeji in the Bamboo Village shop "Green Bamboo", then meeting him at the Yoidore Bar and finally Shiren punching Pekeji outside the bar.

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