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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 救助隊DX
Rescue Team DX NA cover art.png
Developer(s) The Pokémon Company
Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
The Pokémon Company
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Wii U Virtual Console
Genre(s) Role-Playing, Roguelike
Mode(s) Single player
Engine Unity
Version 1.0.2
Director Shin-ichiro Tomie
Hironori Ishigami
Producer Takato Utsunomiya
Kazunori Sugiura
Hitoshi Yamagami
Designer Akihiro Kaneko
Programmer Takuya Kanai
Artist Hiroko Takano
Keisuke Sakurai
Writer Shin-ichiro Tomie
Composer Keisuke Ito
Release date(s)
WW March 6, 2020
Additional info
Media / distribution [Data needed]GB Cartridge
File Size 2.1GB
MSRP Japan: 5,980円
United States: 59.99$ USD
Europe: 59.99€ EUR
Hong Kong: HKD 429.00
This Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX page is about the Nintendo Switch remake. For Red and Blue Rescue Team for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, see Rescue Team:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team.
For all Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games across the wiki, see Pkmn:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Japanese: ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 救助隊DX) is a Generation VII Pokémon spin-off game developed by Spike Chunsoft and The Pokémon Company and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company on Nintendo Switch in 2020. It is the seventh game of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

The community commonly called the game Rescue Team DX.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Become the hero the Pokémon world needs you to be!

One sunny afternoon, you awaken as a Pokémon in the middle of the woods with no idea as to how you got there. After giving your name and explaining your predicament to the Pokémon who found you, you are both thrust into a rescue to save a young Caterpie from Tiny Woods. Once, you have completed this first challenge, you and your new partner decide to form a Rescue Team, a band of Pokémon dedicated to help those in need. Thus begins your journey towards fulfilling your destiny, saving the Pokémon world from total destruction.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The game received "mixed or average" reviews based on seventy-four critic reviews, according to the review aggregator Metacritic.[1] The game was seen as an overall improvement from the original games because of its improved story and art style, but criticized for its repetitive dungeons and the lack of enemy HP bars. Giving the game a score of 6/10, '[IGN's Travis Northup called the game an "unremarkable, grindy experience",[2] while GameSpot's Cian Maher stated the dungeons can only "still be a tad annoying at times" and gave the game an 8/10.

Sales[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX was the bestselling game in Japan during its first week of release, with 138,548 physical copies being sold.[3] It was placed first in the United Kingdom and France sales charts during the first week.[4][5] Over 360,000 copies have been sold in Japan and over 890,000 copies were sold overseas, resulting with over 1.26 million copies sold in total by the end of March[6] It is ranked 36th on the list of best-selling Nintendo Switch video games as of January 8, 2021. The game was ranked twenty-first in Japan's Top 30 best-selling games of 2020 on the Nintendo eShop.[7]

Categories[edit | edit source]

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Categories about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
Gameplay Elements Information on aspects of the game that make it unique from other games in the series and other roguelikes.
Buried items • Defeat • Dungeon Shops • Kangaskhan Rest Stops • Monster Houses • Mystery Houses • Rare Qualities • Recruiting • States • Traps & Floor Tiles • Weather • Evolution • Missions • Ranks & Rescue Points • Title Screen Icons • Introduction to Basic Gameplay (Pokémon) • Leveling • Power • Stairs • Removed and Unused content
Guides Topics of interest to help players master this challenging game.
Items Information on all items.
Equipment • Projectiles • Berries • Food • Health Drinks • Seeds • TMs • Wands • Wonder Orbs • Misc. Items
Locations Information on towns and dungeons.
Rescue Team Camp Information on every friend area available.
Pokémon Square Rescue Team Base • Whiscash Pond (Luminous Cave)
Pokémon Information on all Pokémon but not NPCs.
Generation 1 • Generation 2 • Generation 3 • Other Generation
Special Enemies Information on all bosses and special enemies.
NPCs Information on the NPCs that can be found in towns and dungeons.
Characters Bellsprout • Diglett • Dugtrio • Gulpin • Jumpluff • Kecleon Bros. • Lombre • Pelipper • Snubbull • Spinda • Whiscash • Wigglytuff • Absol • Gardevoir • Latias • Latios • Ninetales • Xatu
Teams Team A.C.T. • Team Meanies • Team Shiftry • Team Constrictor • Team Hydro • Team Rumblerock
Quests All the various story related, post game and side quests you can do.
The Legend of Ninetales • The Meteor
Post-Story Quest Gardevoir • Miscenalleous
Community Miscellaneous interesting stories, challenges and archived information from the Pokémon player community.
Speedrunning • Hacking
Other Content gathered or related to the games that does not otherwise fit into the important categories.
Version differences • Special videos

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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In other language[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Flag of the United States.png
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
Japanese Flag of Japan.png ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 救助隊DX
French Flag of France.png Pokémon Donjon Mystère: Équipe De Secours DX
Spanish Flag of Spain.png Pokémon Mundo misterioso: equipo de rescate DX
German Flag of Germany.png Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Retterteam DX
Italian Flag of Italy.png Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Squadra di Soccorso DX
Korean Flag of South Korea.png 포켓몬 불가사의 던전 구조대 DX (Unofficial)

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