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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
Rescue Team DX Official Website (TPCi) - Main Page.png
Status Active
URL(s) (redirect)
Host(s) The Pokémon Company International

The Rescue Team DX Official Website is a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX minisite for marketing in western regions.

Main Page[edit | edit source]

The main page has the game cover art and the logo. The Pikachu, Mudkip, Squirtle, and Totodile of the cover art have a small animation that makes them jump. On the left, it says "Available Now!" and "Watch the Trailer!" with a button to open a section of the site with an embedded YouTube trailer of the game. A yellow "Shop Now" button and the game's cover art are on the right. On every other page, the "Shop Now" button is moved to the top of the page, to the right of the button to open the "News" page. Scrolling the page moves the logo until the fissure featured on the cover art is reached, which is where the logo stops.

Below the art, it says "Become a Pokémon in This Mysterious New Adventure for Nintendo Switch!" followed by a mini personality test explicitly made for the site. The user is asked to choose, using arrow buttons, one of the following options, which gives them the corresponding Pokémon after clicking the "Yep! That sounds like me!" button:

  • "I have a burning desire to help my friends." for Torchic.
  • "I'm always ready to charge into battle." for Pikachu.
  • "I can adapt to any situation." for Eevee.
  • "Ouch! I have a headache!" for Psyduck.

Afterward, the user is asked to choose a partner. This can be chosen independently of the chosen hero character.

The selected hero and partner Pokémon also appear on other pages on the site. Reopening the page or refreshing the tab resets the selection, allowing the Pokémon to be changed. The selected partner can be changed at any moment without reopening the page. After reopening the main page or refreshing the tab, the main page asks the question again, but the other pages on the site keep using the Pokémon that were last selected. Before answering the question, the main page displays a Torchic silhouette with a question mark. If the question hasn't been answered yet (since the first visit to the site), the other pages display two random possible Pokémon.

Further down the page, there are multiple mini-sections. If the user got a Pokémon by answering the question, the two Pokémon follow along a path in the middle of the page as the user scrolls up and down. At each paragraph, the two Pokémon stop to talk to another Pokémon. If the user stops scrolling, a talking icon appears on top of the stationary Pokémon the two meet.

  • Treecko, with a mini paragraph and a button to download the demo.
  • Squirtle, with a mini paragraph explaining the gameplay.
  • Bulbasaur, with a mini paragraph explaining that the game is a remake.
  • Cubone, with a mini paragraph and a button to subscribe to the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter.

Gameplay Page[edit | edit source]

Gameplay information on Auto Mode, moves, befriending Pokémon in dungeons, getting rescued by other players, and a screenshot for each. Chikorita and Totodile Main Menu artwork used for the background at the top, and Cubone Main Menu artwork as the background later in the page (between the moves paragraph and the friend's paragraph). If the question on the main page is answered, the two Pokémon appear first on the left and then right sides of the page.

World Page[edit | edit source]

Button to open the Secret of the Makuhita Dojo embedded video section on the left, and We can do it! on the right. Psyduck and Eevee Main Menu art as the background. Below there are two paragraphs explaining the story, with Treecko and Torchic Main Menu art as the background for the first one, and then the Charmander and Bulbasaur Main Menu artwork for the second. If the question on the main page is answered, the two Pokémon appear first on the right and then left sides of the page.

At the bottom of the page, there are left and right buttons to change the paragraph and image shown. Each one of them explains one of the town services in Pokémon Square.

News Page[edit | edit source]

Cubone Main Menu artwork. If the question on the main page is answered, the two Pokémon appear in the bottom right corner of the page. The only thing on the page is a sentence inviting to click a "Let's Go!" button to see a list of Wonder Mail passwords. Doing so leads to a different page.[1]

Footer[edit | edit source]

The footer for every page has a regions/language selection button, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo logos, game rating, a "BBB NATIONAL PROGRAMS CRU COPPA SAFE HARBOR" icon, and copyright information.

Regions/Languages[edit | edit source]

The button on the left side of the bottom of the page opens the region selection menu. The choices are: América Latina (es-mx), Australia/New Zealand (en/au), België (nl-be), Belgique (fr-be), Canad (EN) (en-ca), Canada (FR) (fr-ca), Deutschland (de-de), España (es-es), France (fr-fr), Italia (it-t), Nederland (nl-nl), Portugal (pt-pt), Россия (ru-ru), UK/Ireland (en-gb) and United States (en-us).

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