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List of non-existing pages with the most links to them, excluding pages which only have redirects linking to them.


List of non-existing files with the most links to them, excluding files which only have redirects linking to them.

Citation needed

46 articles
0.21% of articles require citations from other sources.

Data testing required

890 articles
4.01% of articles require data from their sourced game.

Missing links in a page

101 articles
0.45% of articles require links to other pages from the wiki.

Missing media in a page

132 articles
0.59% of articles require media in their page.

Pages needing formatting cleanup

87 articles
0.39% of articles require a formatting cleanup.

Stub pages

1,193 articles
5.37% of articles are classified as stubs.


328 articles
1.48% of articles require a full formatting that should fit the Manual of Style.

Candidates for deletion

1 article
0% of articles are candidate for deletion.

Clarification needed

6 articles
0.03% of articles require clarification.

Low quality media

61 files
0.52% of files require higher quality media.

Pages needing a better summary

505 articles
2.27% of articles require a better summary.

Merging pages

2 articles
2 articles should be merged into one.

Separating pages

29 articles
29 articles should be separated into two.

Missing English translation

22 articles
0.1% of articles require an English translation.

Missing Japanese translation

168 articles
0.76% of articles require a Japanese translation.