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Citation needed

45 articles
0.23% of articles require citations.

Data testing required

570 articles
2.97% of articles require data.


0 article
0% of articles are classified as empty.

Missing links in a page

93 articles
0.49% of articles are missing links.

Missing media in a page

132 articles
0.69% of articles are missing media.


46 articles
0.24% of articles require more research.


76 articles
0.4% of articles require a restructured work.


1,361 articles
7.1% of articles are classified as stubs.

Candidates for deletion

3 articles
0.02% of articles are candidated for deletion.


7 articles
0.04% of articles need clarification.

Low quality media

124 files
1.47% of files need to be in higher quality.

Pages needing a better summary

491 articles
2.56% of articles need a better summary.

Merging pages

2 articles
2 articles should be merged into one.

Separated pages

11 articles
11 articles should be separated into two.

Missing English translation

24 articles
0.13% of articles require an official English translation.

Missing Japanese translation

118 articles
0.62% of articles require an official Japanese translation.