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TwinBee Dungeon
Developer(s) Konami Digital Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher(s) Konami Online
Platform(s) コナミネットDX
Genre(s) Roguelike
Mode(s) Single player
Release date(s)
Flag of Japan.png May 14, 2004
Additional info
Media / distribution Digital download

TwinBee Dungeon (Japanese: ツインビーダンジョン) was added to the game site Konami Online コナミネットDX (English: Konami Net DX) for iモード (English: I-mode) . Twinbee Dungeon is a roguelike role-playing game for mobile devices released on May 14, 2004 exclusively in Japan. It is themed on the TwinBee universe, being the thirteenth entry in the series and is a spin-off of the Mystery Dungeon series.

A roguelike role-playing game where the player will explore automatically generated dungeons. The player becomes Light, the second generation of TwinBee pilots, and embarks on a mission where he will be exploring many dungeons while piloting a new vehicle created by Dr. Cinnamon.

The game features new mechanics inspired by staple elements from the TwinBee series, such as raising bell familiars with unique powers.

Players could use a Town App to equip different TwinBee equipment, and a Dungeon App to search for new dungeons to explore

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • During the 2000's, the subscription for Konami Net DX was 315¥/month.

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In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese Flag of Japan.png (Japanese: ツインビーダンジョン), TwinBee Dungeon
French Flag of France.png TwinBee Dungeon
Spanish Flag of Spain.png TwinBee Dungeon

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