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Gates to Infinity Jigsaw Puzzle
Gates to Infinity Merch - Promotional Puzzle front.png
Source E3 Expo (Unverified)
PAX-East (Unverified)
Nintendo Online Store (Unverified)
MSRP [Research required]
Type Jigsaw Puzzle

The Gates to Infinity Jigsaw Puzzle is a promotional item given out at E3 Expo for players who played a demo of Gates to Infinity, At PAX-East and sold via the Nintendo Online Store. The only currently known sources of availability come from various eBay sellers and listings. The puzzle contains 32 pieces, approximately 7" by 7". It's circular in shape and has a cardboard backing that features information about the game. The puzzle is based on the Gates to Infinity cover art, with a black ring around it. The packaging consists of shrink-wrapped plastic.

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Trivia[edit source]

  • Based on pictures from eBay listings, it's common for the puzzle to get jumped up inside of the shrink wrap.

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