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'Armbands (Japanese: ')

Breaking[edit | edit source]

If the armband says ヒビ, it's close to breaking. You can repair it at the blacksmith.

Blacksmith menu.
剣をきたえる Temper the Sword
合成した印を消す Delete the Seal
腕輪のしゅうり Repair the Armband
やめる Exit

Reference Table NDS[edit | edit source]

Shiren DS2 Item Icons Armband.png
Melding and Seals Seal Slots Shops Description
English Japanese Cost Value
Armbands/Calm 混乱よけの腕輪 3 850 250 Shiren can't be confused.
Armbands/Recovery 回復の腕輪 2 850 250 Restores 5 HP per turn, you lose hunger x2.
Armbands/Passage 通過の腕輪 2 1,000 500 Shiren can walk on water.
Armbands/Search よくみえの腕輪 3 1,100 400 You can see all traps in the floor, but they can still work on you. Also reveals invisible monsters.
Armbands/Hercules ちからの腕輪 3 1,200 600 Increases the wearer's strength +3.
Armbands/Anti-Feeble 弱らずの腕輪 3 1,200 400 Strength won't decrease.
Armbands/Warp たかとびの腕輪 3 1,200 400 You will warp randomly when you walk.
Armbands/Sight 透視の腕輪 2 1,500 750 You can see monsters and items in your map, but not invisible monsters as in Shiren 1.
Armbands/Curseless 呪いよけの腕輪 2 1,500 750 Items can't be cursed while this armband is equipped.
Armbands/Diet ハラヘラズの腕輪 3 2,000 1,000 You won't lose fullness.
Armbands/Sturdy がんじょうな腕輪 -- 2 10,000 5,000 Unbreakable armband. This property can not meld onto another armband.
Armbands/Trap ワナ師の腕輪 3 10,000 1,000 You can see all traps and monsters will be affected by them.
Armbands/Paper 紙一重の腕輪 4 15,000 5,000 You will evade thrown items easier, but if you receive a fire or explosion attack it will burn (armband will break instantly). If melded into a Sturdy or Golden Armband, they will lose their unbreakable status.
Armbands/Golden 金の腕輪 -- 4 20,000 10,000 Unbreakable armband. This property can not be melded into another armband.
Armbands/Swipe 強打の腕輪 2 10,000 5,000 You will always do ultra critical hit (x4), but if you receive an attack, it will instantly break. If melded into a Sturdy or Golden Armband, they will lose their unbreakable status.
Armbands/Alarm 目 覚ましの腕輪 3 850 250 You can't be put to sleep, but all monsters in the floor will wake up when you equip it.
Armbands/No-Control ノーコンの腕輪 3 600 150 Thrown items will get a random direction.
Armbands/Antidrain ドレインよけの腕輪 3 1,100 400 Drain monsters won't affect you.
Armbands/Turn まがりの腕輪 3 850 250 Thrown items will never touch walls, changing direction.
Armbands/Pitcher's 遠投の腕輪 4 1,000 250 Thrown/fired items penetrate enemies, walls, etc., and fly away.
Armbands/Loss たれ流しの腕輪 5 1,500 750 You will drop items on the ground every 10 steps.
Armbands/Miss あたらずの腕輪 4 1,000 250 You will always miss monsters with thrown items.
Armbands/Binge ハラヘリの腕輪 7 2,000 1,000 You will lose fullness at twice the rate of normal.
Armbands/Regret 痛恨の腕 5 850 250 You will receive critical hits from enemies sometimes.
Armbands/Explosive 爆発の腕輪 3 600 150 When you walk, you will suffer an explosion randomly.
Armbands/Nfu んふうの腕輪 -- 3 ? ? One of the 9 Kron Items.

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