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NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

List of Characters[edit | edit source]

Important characters[edit | edit source]

Chocobo (Japanese: チョコボ)
A treasure hunter with a good heart, Chocobo gets magically transported to the town of Lostime together with Cid.[1] The main character who travels with Cid as Treasure Hunters.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Model Name Information
English Japanese
Cid シド
Cid travels the world in search of treasure with his partner, Chocobo. He gets magically transported to Lostime while searching for a hidden treasure that could change the world.[1]
Shirma シロマ・マグノーリエ
Shiroma Magnolie
A kind-hearted white mage, Shirma lives on her Aunt Stella's farm just outside of Lostime. Although she is a gentle girl, she is not afraid to stand up foe what she believes in.[1]
Stella ステラ As Shirma's aunt, Stella has been looking after Shirma since she lost her parents. She is a good cook and is famous for her special biscuits.[1]
Raffaello ラファエロ An enigmatic boy who fell out of the sky one day, Raffaello has the power to enter people's minds and restore their memories. The people of Lostime slowly start to change because him.[1]
Dungeon Hero X ダンジョンヒーローX He appears at the beginning of each dungeon and gives advice about dungeons and abilities.
Gale Rosage ゲイル・ロザージュ
Gale Losage
The mayor of the City.
Freja フレイア
The resident blacksmith of the Lostime.
Meja メーア・イーリス
Meer Iris
A waitress in the local cafe.
Irma イルマ Chocobo's rival Treasure Hunter, who travels with her trusty companion black Chocobo Volg.
Croma クロマ A hostile Black Mage who frequently warns Chocobo of the dangers waiting for him. Knows the connection between Raffaello and the forgotten memories.
Volg ヴォルグ An especially strong black Chocobo and Irma's companion.
Roche ローチェ神父
Father Roche
The Pastor of the local church in Lostime.
Marris マリス
A fishmonger in Lostime who teaches Chocobo how to fish.
Flora フローラ A florist in Lostime.

References[edit | edit source]

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