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Traps[edit | edit source]

Model Trap Description Message
English Japanese
Adventure Sqauad - Big Blast Trap.png Big Blast Trap ばくはスイッチ Stepping on this trap triggers a Huge Explosion which damages Pokémon and destroys items. Its range is much higher than a Blast Trap. The Big Blast Trap activated! (Pokémon) exploded!
The Big Blast Trap activated! The damp conditions prevent explosions!
Adventure Sqauad - Blast Trap.png Blast Trap じばくスイッチ Stepping on this causes an Explosion, damaging Pokémon and destroying items in the blast range.
Adventure Sqauad - Chestnut Trap.png Chestnut Trap イガグリスイッチ Stepping on it makes a spiky, unshelled Chestnut drop, inflicting damage. The Chestnut Trap activated! The Chestnut Trap hit (Pokémon) for 10 damage!
Adventure Sqauad - Grimy Trap.png Grimy Trap ベトベタスイッチ Stepping on this trap makes it spew a filthy grime that covers your food, turning it into a (icon) Grimy Food. The Grimy Trap splashed sludge! A food item went bad.
The Grimy Trap splashed sludge! Several food items went bad!
The Grimy Trap splashed sludge! Nothing bad happened.
Adventure Sqauad - Grudge Trap.png Grudge Trap おんねんスイッチ Stepping on this trap causes enemy Pokémon to appear near you. Also, enemy Pokémon on the floor will get the Grudge status condition. The Grudge Trap activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Gust Trap.png Gust Trap とっぷうスイッチ Stepping on this trap triggers a gust of wind that sends you flying. The Gust Trap blew! (Pokémon) was blown away. Pokémon took 5 damage.
Adventure Sqauad - Mud Trap.png Mud Trap どろスイッチ Stepping on this trap makes it spew mud that reduces the Pokémon's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, or Special Defense harshly. The Mud Trap splashed mud! (Pokémon)'s Defense fell sharply.
Adventure Sqauad - Pitfall Trap.png Pitfall Trap おとしあな Stepping on this trap makes you fall into a deep pit that causes damage and moves you to the next floor. If a Pokémon other than the leader falls, it will faint. The fainted Pokémon can't be helped with a Reviver Seed, so be careful!
Adventure Sqauad - Poison Trap.png Poison Trap どくばりスイッチ Stepping on this trap releases spikes that cause the Poisoned status condition. The Poison Trap shot out spikes! (Pokémon) was poisoned!
Adventure Sqauad - Pokémon Trap.png Pokémon Trap ポケモンスイッチ Stepping on it transforms items on the floor of the room into enemy Pokémon. A Pokémon Trap activated! Unclaimed items became Pokémon!
A Pokémon Trap activated! Nothing happened!
Adventure Sqauad - PP-Leech Trap.png PP Leech Trap わざへりのワナ Stepping on it drains the PP of 1 of your moves to 0. The PP Leech Trap activated! (move) lost all its PP!
The PP Leech Trap activated! (move) lost all its PP! (Pokémon)'s moves had no PP!
Adventure Sqauad - Random Trap.png Random Trap ゆびふりスイッチ Stepping on it has a random effect on your party! Who knows what kind of effect it may have? The Random Trap activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Seal Trap.png Seal Trap ふういんスイッチ Stepping on it seals one move. This effect wears off on the next floor. The Seal Trap activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Slow Trap.png Slow Trap ヤドンスイッチ Stepping on this trap lowers your Travel Speed. The Slow Trap activated! (Pokémon) was slowed!
Adventure Sqauad - Slumber Trap.png Slumber Trap バクスイッチ Stepping on this trap releases a gas that causes the Sleeping status. The Slumber Trap releases sleeping gas! (Pokémon) fell asleep!
Adventure Sqauad - Spiked Tile.png Spiked Tile まきびし Stepping on it damages you. It is made using the move Spikes. The Spiked Tile activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Gust Trap.png Spin Trap ぐるぐるスイッチ Stepping on this trap spins the Pokémon around and makes it dizzy, causing the Confused status. The Spin Trap spun and spun! (Pokémon) became confused!
The Spin Trap spun and spun! (Pokémon) is already confused!
Adventure Sqauad - Stealth Rock.png Stealth Rock ステルスロック Stepping on it damages you with a Rock-type move. It is made using the move Stealth Rock. The Stealth Rock activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Sticky Trap.png Sticky Trap くっつきスイッチ Stepping on this trap makes a random item become sticky and unusable. A Sticky Trap activated! The (icon) (Item) became sticky!
A Sticky Trap activated! Nothing particularly bad happened.
Adventure Sqauad - Summon Trap.png Summon Trap よびよせスイッチ Stepping on this trap releases a sweet aroma that attracts Pokémon from afar. The Summon Trap sprayed Pokémon-attracting scents! Pokémon were drawn close!
Adventure Sqauad - Toxic Spikes.png Toxic Spikes どくびし Stepping on this will make you Poisoned. It is made using the Toxic Spikes move. The Toxic Spikes activated!
Adventure Sqauad - Trip Trap.png Trip Trap ころびスイッチ Stepping on this trap makes you trip and drop your held item. A Trip Trap was underfoot!
Adventure Sqauad - Warp Trap.png Warp Trap ワープスイッチ Stepping on this trap warps you to another spot on the floor.

Floor Tiles[edit | edit source]

Model Tile Description
English Japanese
Rescue Point きゅうじょちてん You reached the rescue spot where your friend's team went down! Send an A-OK mail to let your friend know you've rescued the defeated team.
Stack Spot のっかりあな A tile that makes it easy to stack Pokémon onto the leader. A partner Pokémon within 2 spaces can join the Stack this way. All members who are stacked together will be able to attack simultaneously!
Stairs かいだん Stairs leading to the next floor. If you are on the final floor, you will escape from the dungeon. You won't be able to return to the previous floor, so make sure you're ready to move on.
(Warp Zone) ワープゾーン
Adventure Sqauad - Wonder Tile.png Wonder Tile ふしぎなゆか Stepping on it resets your Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, accuracy and evasiveness if any had been changed.

References[edit | edit source]

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