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This page is a directory for all the items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Squad Titles. You can follow the below links to each item page to find basic info and follow the links on the pages to leaf pages containing more detailed information for each item. The Rosetta Stone page acts as a quick reference guide for translating item names between the Japanese and the English fan-patch versions of the game.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Items Icon Count Notes
English Japanese
Wearable Items
Equipment 装備品 Information on all wearable items such as specs and scarves, etc…
Throwing Items 飛びどうぐ Information on items that exist to damage enemies.
Edible Items
Berries きのみ Information on edible items which restore HP or heal certain bad statuses.
Drinks 栄養ドリンク Information on items which restore PP or permanently raise stats.
Food 食料 Information on edible items which significantly fill up the Belly.
Gummis グミ
Seeds タネ Information on edible items with various effects on the Pokémon.
Usable Items
Evolution Items 進化どうぐ Information on items that some Pokémon need to evolve.
TMs & HMs わざマシン・ひでんマシン Information on items that can be used to teach a move to a Pokémon.
Wonder Orbs ふしぎだま Information on Wonder Orb items.
Treasure Boxes
Miscellaneous Items Information on items that don't fit in other categories.
Rosetta Stone Translation Icon.png Names of all items in every language as well as Chinese fan translations.

References[edit | edit source]

  • [1] Japanese item type names taken from the Japanese Wiiware wiki.